LivingTree Executive Chairman Dean Drako Announces $1,000,000 Drako Community an

AUSTIN, Texas. April 4, 2017 Dean Drako, LivingTree owner and executive chairman, announced today that he has funded the Drako Community and Family Engagement Grant for Schools for up to $1M; individual schools and districts who are awarded the grant will receive their own private and secure, Tiered Social Network including all engagement features, SIS integration, setup, upkeep, training, and support at no cost for 1 year. Eligible schools include accredited private and public schools in the United States: elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools.Schools Report Improved Family Engagement with Private Social NetworksA recent survey showed that that only one in five schools reported having greater than 50% of families engaged.

Districts cite using more than 12 methodologies to engage families and frustration with results. One hundred percent of districts using private social networks report improvement in family engagement. The top reasons for increased family engagement are based on student achievement and include: higher literacy rates, better attendance, higher test scores, and increased graduation rates in addition to a culture of partnership for educators and families alike.

We are funding this community and family engagement grant to make it easier for more schools to use the latest technology to build trust and partnership within their communities, said Dean Drako, Executive Chairman, LivingTree. LivingTrees private and secure Tiered Social Network offers many benefits to improve engagement and awareness, including two-way translation to 100+ languages, native mobile apps, media sharing, volunteer management, emergency alerts, and simple implementation.$1,000,000 Drako Community and Family Engagement Grant for Schools DetailsGrant winners will receive a grant for one full year of funding for their custom LivingTree Tiered Social Network and associated planning, implementation, and training. The solution includes SIS integration, emergency alerts, SMS texting, two-way translation, mobile apps, media sharing, all other LivingTree engagement features, and community partner networks.

LivingTree also provides marketing and awareness materials as well as best practices for using technology to engage families and community. LivingTree social networks are private and secure and offer weekly analytics at the class, campus, and district level. The Drako Community and Family Engagement Grant for Schools is appealing to help schools use the best technology to consolidate and simplify engagement efforts.

Research shows that engaged families can offset as much as $1000 in needed funding per year for each student. Further, some states require objective measures of family engagement while the national Every Student Succeeds Act mandates two way conversation in native language. LivingTree is a hosted service and requires no additional technology at the school sites.

LivingTree is COPPA compliant, FERPA compliant, and a Student Data Privacy Signatory. At the end of the 12 months, if the school chooses to continue using the LivingTree Tiered Social Network, they would purchase the annual license and continue with uninterrupted service. The school / district also has the option to shut down their network, at no charge.Grant applications will be accepted starting April 4, 2017.

Application deadline is June 1, 2017. Grant winners will be selected based on the merits and timeliness of their application. To learn more and apply for the grant, please visit: Drako Family Engagement GrantCase Studies on Family Engagement and LivingTreeBriargrove Elementary School: Houston, TXBriargrove Elementary serves 900 students in the Houston School District.

Nearly half the schools population is Latino and Asian-Pacific, and 23% of students are in ESL programs. Prior to LivingTree, the school relied heavily on room parents and the PTO to relay information and volunteer opportunities to parents. Despite the combined use of flyers, email blasts, and newsletters, parents felt uninformed.

Results from a 20112012 survey showed parents felt excluded and disconnected from the school. As of Fall 2016, 100% of classrooms were engaged on LivingTree and fully 60% of network members were contributing content, commentary, or appreciation! Briargrove has successfully resolved the disconnect parents originally felt with the school.

Briargroves Principal, Eden Hinds, shares: Using the LivingTree platform, our school was able to build a much tighter community and meaningful engagement with our families. It has truly changed our level of transparency with parents and how we converse, share, and coordinate in the context of educating our children.For the full case study, please visit 100% Participation = Real Results. Irving Independent School District: Irving, TXIrving ISD, a district serving approximately 35,000 students in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, began using LivingTree in November 2014.

The district has earned a number of accolades, including being named the 2015 national Advanced Placement District of the Year; an amazing CTE program in the U.S.; and having its high schools recognized among the top 10% of high schools nationwide by U. S. News and World Report.

The district was looking for ways to share those success stories and continue its parent engagement efforts after opening Parent Centers in each of its schools. Like many school districts across the state, Irving ISD serves a diverse student population and wanted a way to reach ALL families, regardless of home language (54 languages are spoken in Irving ISD), the parents education level or socioeconomic status.Irving ISD has strong belief in the benefits of parent and community engagement, and has a stated district goal of enabling and ensuring community engagement and collaboration. Based on the results of district wide surveys of teachers, parents, and students in spring 2014, Irving ISD sought to establish digital two-way dialogue accessible via mobile application.

Thats when Irving ISD decided to implement LivingTree to meet their two-way dialogue, translation, mobile, and privacy needs. In Irving ISD we started out with 13 campuses as early adopters of LivingTree. The feedback we received from parents, principals and teachers has been incredible.

Its helped solidify parents trust in our schools, says Lesley Weaver, Irving ISDs Director of Communications.About LivingTreeFounded in 2012, LivingTrees mission is to connect the people who raise, develop, and educate our children. LivingTree aims to include every member of the community regardless of preferred language or socio-economic status. LivingTrees Tiered Social Network empowers leaders, organizations, educators and parents to connect, share, and coordinate up, down and across all levels of their private network to help improve academic achievement.

LivingTree has been recognized for this work by the Stevie Awards for Women in Business as the 2016 Gold Community Involvement Program of the Year and 2016 Silver Smartphone App of the Year. livingtree. com, 844.

LIV. TREE, info@livingtree. com.

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2019 China New Design Hot Sell Home Office Dining Outdoor Floor Sofa Chair Car Meditation Seat Cushion
2019 China New Design Hot Sell Home Office Dining Outdoor Floor Sofa Chair Car Meditation Seat Cushion
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Regal Sofas & Chairs UK that will Remind you of an Elite Era or Period
Regal Sofas & Chairs UK that will Remind you of an Elite Era or Period
When you enter into a lobby of a five star hotel or a restaurant the first thing that grabs attention are furniture, beautiful, delectable, classy and edgy furniture which are designed to customer perfection and give them a cozy comfort while making an astounding style statement which will increase the influx of customers and heighten the market value. Well, this was about the commercial aspect, high class furniture are now even form the pride of many private homes and apartments.The elegant and bespoke sofa companies are responsible for bestowing commercial clients as well as home owners some of the best and magnificently created sofas that are both durable and traditionally hand carved which provide comfort and ease. Take a glance at the hand carved three seater sofas which is an extended version and gives the pleasure of sitting in a comfortable manner as well as relaxing or the exclusive collection of chaise lounges which add a smooth sitting comfort with its high quality upholstery and fine backrest and elbow rest facility.Furnitures are available very easily, thanks to the influx of various online stores you can now grab them within a few days with a single finger tap. So, if you are in the mood of remodeling your living space, bedroom or dining room with some nice set of chairs then you can look out for the most stunning and uniquely designed sleek accent chairs which showcases a distinctive English countryside appeal that is the center point of attraction for all the country as well as the city residents. Delectable accent chairs UK are bespoke and unique from every angle, whether it is the upholstery or the fine craftsmanship on wood the way these classic accent chairs have brought out the finesse of a furniture product is simply outstanding. They will truly elevate the interior of the living room/ guest/dining room etc with their colorful sparkle and the lovely elegance. As an elite sofa & chair company Englander Line also offers custom made chairs which are suitably appropriate to be installed in high class hotels, pubs, bars, embassies and also in residence as well. RELATED QUESTION What are some ways I can sneak my pad to the bathroom? Well, I don't think you should have to sneak them, but if you feel that you must hide them, you can just keep them in a little makeup bag. If you bring that with you to the bathroom no one will know if you're smuggling hygiene products or just freshening up your makeup. Depending on where you are, you could also just leave a supply in the office bathroom. I make a weekly round of both staff and patient restrooms at work and stock them with tampons and pads (and condoms, in the patient ones). I've been asking the administration to do this for years, but until they take over I don't mind spending $40 a week to make things a little easier for all us ladies
Best quality End Poly Cord Weaving Sofa Chair Used Outdoor Patio Furniture For Hotel Fashionable aluminum frame rope high bar stool (accept customized)
Best quality End Poly Cord Weaving Sofa Chair Used Outdoor Patio Furniture For Hotel Fashionable aluminum frame rope high bar stool (accept customized)
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Office chair-sofa manufacturer-dealers and repair service in Ahmedabad-Dipti Enterprises
Office chair-sofa manufacturer-dealers and repair service in Ahmedabad-Dipti Enterprises
Office Chair Furniture is the venture of DIPTI ENTERPRISE, recognized as the leading furniture manufacturer and supplier in Ahmedabad. Dipti Enterprise is a sophisticated manufacturing hub for fashionable and trendy furniture including all types of Steel Furniture, Sofa and Chairs repair and Service. We are a foremost service provider for the Lining Work in Ahmedabad. We believe hand over comfort and exclusive look of the chairs and sofas to match it with the interior and/or exterior at your place and enhance the overall aesthetic value of your place.The manufacturing unit at Dipti Enterprise possesses ultra-modern manufacturing amenities with the latest generation designing facilities. Design of each model of our chair collection is created following ergonomic design criteria to promote the effective balance of your body posture and movement at your workplacecheap Chair dealers in Ahmedabad providing an elegant spectrum of Garden chair, designer chair, garden furniture, designer sofa, chair with armrest, office furniture and other furniture with cost-effective rates. Our new collection of exclusive chairs comprises Seminar Chair, Executive Chair, Revolving chair, Auditorium Chairs, Recliner chairs, President Chairs and Lounge chairs. more visit Chair repair and service in Ahmedabad RELATED QUESTION Who are the best modern furniture suppliers? Who are the best modern furniture suppliers? It depends on who is buying, and how much. As you see, I work in the furniture field since - errr, forever - so I am quite into the distribution business as well. And one of the main issues of the furniture business regarding distribution is that nowadays it is an enormous mess. With the development of online distribution, as for Amazon, along with the fact that it has happened during the Big Recession, most of the furniture companies around the world have experienced severe problems. The reasons are many: but the main issue is that to fully understand what you are buuying, you need to try the items you want to buy. You need to sit on them, examine how they are made, understand the coverings available and the finishings. And this is hardly possible on a computer screen. Add to this situation the fact that most of the fiurniture you buy needs some complicate assembly and installation, and you end up with a very tricky situation where the quality and the design of the piece you want to buy plays just a little part in the whole equation. And also, the distribution model has changed, and is changing constantly. The latest innovations come from the big groups. From Amazon, which is developing its own line of furniture, and has launched some models recevtly, and IKEA, which is offering a lease option to the public. So, in a situation like this, the consumer is left rightfully wondering what the best option would be - and I can say only one thing: There is no magic formula in buying furniture: each buyer has his own preferences. I have known people who would merrily buy everything online without skipping a beat, even the most costly pieces, and others which would require to try personally even the fabric of a single pillow - so, as you can see, there is no universal way to buy furniture. If you are a professional retailer, the situation changes drastically. In this case, there is only one way to buy furniture professionally - and it is, if you want to avoid surprises, to go straight to the source of the items. That is, to the place where they are presented and made available. And I am talking about the furniture fairs. Before the internet, before the computers, furniture was made and sold through furniture fairs, and natworks of brick and mortar stores in the different nations. But to meet the source of supply, for economic reasons, the best bet was to visit a trade fair. The best ones are the usual suspects: Milan Salone del Mobile, Cologne IMM Cologne, Paris Maison & Objet, London 100% Design - just to stay in Europe (but Milan is the most important fair in the world, design-wise). If you are living in the USA, I would mention also the ICFF in New York and the famous High Point Market exhibition. But for the majority of the world market, and not just for the most select styles (which play a smallish part of the whiole market), you have to turn East. That is, to China. The Chinese fairs are sort of amazing, and growing steadily year by year, both for affluence and the quality of the products. And one of them actually is picking up speed amazingly, which is CIFF. The China International Furniture Fair is one of the most established in the business, and is organized twice a year, in March and in September, respectively in Guangzhou and in Shanghai. The next edition of the CIFF will is scheduled for March 1821, 2019 in Guangzhou - the city is what Westerners used to call Canton. The 43rd edition of CIFF will take place at in Hongqiao district of Guangzhou over two phases, a solution which is necessary to accommodate the whole field of the furniture business: the 1st, from 18 to 21 March 2019, is dedicated to home furnishings, outdoor and leisure furniture, home dcor and home textiles; the 2nd, from 28 to 31 March, will instead be focused in office furniture, hotel furnishings, accessories, metal furniture, and furnishings for public spaces and reception areas. It will also sport a space dedicated to materials and machinery for the furniture industry. The results of the fair are very clear. CIFF Guangzhou had an enormous success, with a 36% more affluence of the past edition, and will host over 4,100 exhibitors in the premises of the fair, extending over 760,000 square metres, around 50% more than the last edition. The quality of the products have improved substantially. Most of the recent Chinese furniture production is stylishly made and offers a very good quality, up on a par with comparable Western furniture of the same level and niche. Forget your preconceptions about flimsy products and dangerous materials - it is not going to happen anymore. And apart from the quality of the products and strategic alliances that the Fair has secured, the same participating companies are proceeding at the fastest pace to serve their customers worldwide, many of them offering a nononsense complete service to manage easily the import/export practices from China to everywhere esle in the world. So, if you are a professional furniture retailer, visiting CIFF would be a smart idea. More, CIFF is held concurrently to another very good furniture fair, which is Furniture China, so you could visit both (and well, there are many of the bigger companies which exhibit in both fairs. As a note to my readers, I mostly write about high-end and luxury objects, like watches, furniture and design: so if you are interested in those fields, be sure to check my other answers and follow me. And a nice upvote is always welcome! I am writing professionally on behalf of the company detailed in the link above. If you are a Facebook or Instagram user and like watches, please like The Watchonomicon. You will find links on articles, and other interesting stuff there - together with some special offers on very special watches for sale. If you think my answers are worthwhile, please nominate them here: Publish This: Quora's Publishing Nominations Blog
Cavallo Sof: the Sicilian beauty for your living room sofa
Cavallo Sof: the Sicilian beauty for your living room sofa
Cavallo Sof is a company of furniture and furnishing accessories born in Partenico, city of the beautiful Italian island of Sicily. The sofas, armchairs and accessories are handmade, according to the true tradition of craftsmanship. The artisan and sartorial know-how combined with a technological know-how allow to obtain the maximum of aesthetics, comfort and ergonomics. The materials are carefully selected by the style center according to certified quality criteria, which make each sofa, armchair and bed a truly unique piece.The feature that makes the product unique is: extreme personalization, the intrinsic functionality of each model and above all the guarantee of a tailor-made comfort, cut on the individual needs of the person.ELYL sofa | Cavallo SofELYL sofa combines the simplicity of the basic elements and the multiplicity of possible configurations. The sofa in its modern evolution. Elyl presents dry lines and geometric volumes, in a perfectly calibrated synthesis with welcoming and generous seats.ELYL-X sofa | Cavallo SofELYL-X sofa has very classic lines that are well suited to any atmosphere and any style of furniture. Elyl-X is the sofa protagonist of the living area: extra-large proportions, soft look, informal style, a true island of comfort to live in complete freedom. Being able to respond to the individual needs of well-being with products that can be configured as desired which allow you to choose between different sizes, padding hardness, coverings, bases and manual or motorized relaxation systems is, in fact, the cornerstone on which the philosophy of brand Cavallo Sof.ROMA sofa | Cavallo SofROMA sofa by Cavallo Sof is a sofa able to recreate the lively and sparkling atmosphere typical of the city from which it takes its name. Extremely versatile as can be a wide or narrow dress, ideal for the city and for a holiday, warm or light, suitable for any situation, in winter or summer, Roma sofa will make you relive in your moments of relaxation , the magic of Fellinis Roman Dolce Vita. TORINO sofa | Cavallo SofThe shape of TORINO sofa recalls vintage lines, updating them with an extremely sophisticated packaging, both of the seat cushions and of the external covering that wraps it, designed in fabric or leather, to create a highly elegant material play, just like the Italian city .An approach that focuses attention on the person and his needs in terms of rest and recreation, not forgetting the importance of an appealing design, fresh and always new. This is how armchairs and sofas are born that, thanks to the ability to make real experiences of well-being, want to offer the Italian market new opportunities to enjoy the living area pleasantly. SORENTO sofa | Cavallo SofThe style of the SORENTO sofa by Cavallo Sof is lightened by the sinuous lines of the armrests which, gently embracing the seat cushions, make the moments of rest even more pleasant. The refined and enveloping line of the Sorento sofa is therefore underlined by the soft curve of the shell that draws the armrest and which accommodates a soft-shaped back cushion.KELEBEK sofa | Cavallo SofThe KELEBEK sofa is a sofa with a simple style, but with a strong temperament and great comfort. With its strong formal identity and impeccable proportions, the Kelebek sofa becomes the protagonist of the space that welcomes it, both residential and hospitality.Cavallo Sof works with architects, experts in raw materials, upholsterers, artisans and interior designers who collaborate in all stages of production: from design to delivery to the final customer. All their work is aimed at ensuring every product aesthetic, comfort, functionality and optimization of all materials to achieve an excellent quality-price ratio. LUNA sofa | Cavallo SofA sofa with balanced proportions and a high level of comfort, the LUNA sofa embodies a contemporary and successful design. The lines of the structure, like those of the seat, recall the silhouette of the half-moon; sitting on the Luna sofa, you will enjoy the bliss of your home.Originally published at RELATED QUESTION Where can I get a gaming chair in Delhi (not online) locally? Hi, Thanks for the A2A. You can find gaming chairs in areas like Kirti Nagar, Panchkuyian Market(near cp), Tilak Nagar and also to some extent Dwarka Mod. If you specifically want store names and locations, I can provide you with some reliable stores. But the difference in online and offline buys are that the online material is cheaper than the store. Whichever area is close to where you stay will be beneficial for search for example, Furniture market in Kirti Nagar is very good but a little expensive than Tilak Nagar or Dwarka Mod. Panchkuyian Market near CP is very renowned for their furniture but cost is higher than rest of the markets. Tilak Nagar offers good option for furniture at a cheaper price. So it entirely depends on which location is suitable for you. Some famous stores are- Regent Seating Collection- Kirti Nagar Corporate Office Furniture Delhi Recliners India- Kirti Nagar Recliners India IDUS Furniture Store- Kirti Nagar Modern Furniture Online, Luxury Italian Furniture Others you have to go and check it out. Hope this helps!
DITRE ITALIA | High Quality Sofas |Eurooo
DITRE ITALIA | High Quality Sofas |Eurooo
ItalyDesignwearPersonal style should be a projection of life itself, and the same goes for the allure of an apartment. It benefits from the wealth of carefully chosen and well-loved possessions, seductive colours and personal touches in every room. The complex weave of infinite temptations is what moves and inspires our innovative way of presenting the company and its style. It is about privileging taste. Our exclusive taste. 40 years. Art becomes history40 years. Art becomes historyEach product tells the story of 40 years of history, tied to artisan upholstery tradition, created by the De Marchi brothers in 1976 in San Martino di Colle Umberto. Their workshop became an increasingly tight ship and, in response to demand for a customised product, it grew into an important manufacturing company. In addition to its business acumen, Ditre Italia confirms, year on year, its aptitude for detail and its artisan skill that make its collections stand out. The story of our past is what distinguishes our today.Man and technologyMan and technologyOur entire production cycle is kept under constant control by man, from the woodwork to cutting the leather and packaging the end product. Every stage in the production of our sofas features artisan techniques that respect our attention to detail, and use of technology like electronic cutting but the manual skill and eye of a human is what commands and oversees our production process. DiTre Italia brings together tradition and technology, artisan skill and industrialisation. All Made in Italy.Pure qualityPure qualityWe manufacture high-quality products, respecting the strictest of regulations in terms of raw material supplies and the production cycle; this is why we only use first-choice leather and cutting-edge technology. Quality features in every stage of the cycle, in line with the criteria for creating a truly excellent product. Leather coutureLeather coutureUsing leather in your living room is a cosmetic choice. Leather is a noble material and has a feel and look like no other. This is why we treat this raw material using natural, ecological processes, and with the same care that we take with our own skin. Only by doing so can we guarantee maximum comfort and high quality for our products.The textile atelierThe textile atelierThe world of upholstery is tied to textiles, as part of a continuous wearable experience. Wearable design is a model that combines taste, tailoring, quality and Italianness. We are the voice of stylish design, of natural materials such as linen, and of colours and patterns that paint a different picture for each and every one of our customers. Ditre Italia, Pure Designwear.Originally published at RELATED QUESTION Where can I get a gaming chair in Delhi (not online) locally? Hi, Thanks for the A2A. You can find gaming chairs in areas like Kirti Nagar, Panchkuyian Market(near cp), Tilak Nagar and also to some extent Dwarka Mod. If you specifically want store names and locations, I can provide you with some reliable stores. But the difference in online and offline buys are that the online material is cheaper than the store. Whichever area is close to where you stay will be beneficial for search for example, Furniture market in Kirti Nagar is very good but a little expensive than Tilak Nagar or Dwarka Mod. Panchkuyian Market near CP is very renowned for their furniture but cost is higher than rest of the markets. Tilak Nagar offers good option for furniture at a cheaper price. So it entirely depends on which location is suitable for you. Some famous stores are- Regent Seating Collection- Kirti Nagar Corporate Office Furniture Delhi Recliners India- Kirti Nagar Recliners India IDUS Furniture Store- Kirti Nagar Modern Furniture Online, Luxury Italian Furniture Others you have to go and check it out. Hope this helps!
Best Price on Modern Style End Garden Outdoor Furniture Garden Sofa
Best Price on Modern Style End Garden Outdoor Furniture Garden Sofa
All we do is usually linked with our tenet Shopper first, Rely on very first, devoting around the food packaging and environmental safety for Best Price on Modern Style End Garden Outdoor Furniture Garden Sofa, Our products are widely recognized and reliable by users and can meet continuously changing economic and social needs.All we do is usually linked with our tenet Shopper first, Rely on very first, devoting around the food packaging and environmental safety for Garden Outdoor Furniture, Garden Sofa, Outdoor Sofa, Our items are exported worldwide. Our customers are always satisfied with our reliable quality, customer-oriented services and competitive prices. Our mission is to continue to earn your loyalty by dedicating our efforts to the constant improvement of our products and solutions and services in order to ensure the satisfaction of our end-users, customers, employees, suppliers and the worldwide communities in which we cooperate.Model No.:YSJS-82Size:single 68*85*70,double 130*85*70,three seater 200*85*70,table 80*80*42CMMaterial:1.21.8mm aluminum frame,pe rattan,waterproof cushions. Package:Plastic foam,kraft paper,carton. Loading quantity:30set/40HQPayment Terms:30% deposit by T/T in advance,balance by T/T or L/C should be paid before loading.Sample cost: Paypal western union , moneygram and cash also is available.FAQQ1: What is your MOQ? A: For tables,the Minimum order quantity is 10pcs per item. B: For chairs,the Minimum order quantity is 50pcs per item.Q2: What is the warranty policy? A: Most of our products can guarantee at least 3 years.While above the warranty does not cover failure or damage caused by improper applicationsand unreasonable conditions or abusive use. Q3: Could I take some samples from you? How about the sample charges?A: Yes, samples are available. The sample cost is triple of the unit price.But we will return the extra once received your next order. RELATED QUESTION Are access control systems important for security? Of course, access control system is important for security.The most basic access control function is to block anyone or a car that should not enter an area. This can be any sensitive area of the front door, garage, office, office building, hospital, hotel etc. You may also want to use an access control systems for doors to track when employees go to and from the door. Basic access control systems usually only have an access control card reader, access control power supply, and maglock or electric bolt lock. Higher security applications may require multiple authentication methods (such as cards and fingerprints) and include more complex features. Finally, consider whether you need to integrate with other security systems, such as monitoring systems, alarm systems, and fire protection systems.But do you know how to configure an access control systems? Here are some questions before you decide on an access control system?Selecting processing and control equipment of access control system, such as access controller and stand alone card reader.Choosing to identify an entry device for your access control system. Such as access control card readers, keyboards, and biometric card reader etc.Choosing access control electric door locks for your access control system. Such as electric blot locks, magnetic door locksChoosing the access control exit device for your access control system. Such as the exit button and remote controlChoosing access control power supply for your access control system.Other access control accessories, such as doorbells, door magnets, and door closers, etc.Choose the right access control system management software. So, please make sure choose right and suitable components for your access control systems.I think this article is helpful for you configuring your access control
Vital Factors for Success of Web Design
Vital Factors for Success of Web Design
Betty just moved into a new neighbourhood and was looking for a furniture shop in the area to buy a sofa set for her recently purchased house. Since she was not well-versed with the locations of different businesses, the best way was to check the online listings through her smartphone.She first typed in the name of a business that was advertised in the local newspaper. However the website took too long to load and when she finally landed upon page, the font was too tiny to be read. Also there was a clutter of elements with pictures and text almost overlapping each other.Within seconds she got off the website and then typed in furniture showrooms near me. Google responded with the top listings and she reached a much better website with an interface that looked perfect on her phone screen, letters that could be effortlessly read and high resolution pictures of some real attractive sofa sets. Betty chose to buy from there and next day she had a cosy futon set in her living room.Thats just one of the stories reflecting upon the value of well-designed and search engine optimized websites. We all have such experiences every other day while searching through the web world.If you are not satisfied with the success of your website yet or want to consult web designers in Scotland for a revamp, here are some factors to work upon:Prioritise SimplicitySimilar to what Betty felt, a big grouse people have with designs on website is that they dont know where to go next when they are on a particular page or section. A business wants to display all information about itself but this has to be done in a format that is lucid and easy to navigate through. If you have a simple layout, your visitors will not feel tired and can arrive at what they are interested in. They will also hang around on your web portal for long.Understand your Target ConsumersYour website should not be intended for all kinds of audience and no matter how hard you try, you cannot attract everyone to your webpages. As an example if you specialise in wedding outfits your target consumers will mostly be young couples who are about to get married. Your web portal will then have to be designed with content that appeals to such people. If you dont have a solid grasp on their interests, do some research and then plan out the sections of your websites. Make sure that nothing is offensive to any custom or group of people.Content continues to be the KingMost people think that web design is only about colours, typography and logos that look attractive on a website. They feel that content is planned by a different team in digital marketing companies. However, the layout of content is a big factor in determining the efficacy of a website and both content authors and web designers need to work in tandem to craft a beautiful web platform.Keep it ResponsiveBetty was unable to access a website on her mobile phone and that was a major turn off. With a responsive web design you can make sure that your website can be accessed by all irrespective of the screen size they view it on. Responsive web design techniques make a website fit into any desktop, mobile phone or tablet screen.Stay tuned for more updates.Elements Design Studio has a team of trained and experienced web designers who create distinct elements to make your online platforms special. We use the best of modern technology and design principles to craft unique websites. For more information visit elementsdesignstudio. co. uk.
Things You Cant Ignore While Buying a New Sofa
Things You Cant Ignore While Buying a New Sofa
SUMMARYIf you are planning to have a new sofa to your living room both literally as well as metaphorical. On the metaphorical side, theyre very expensive, and they need to last for a long time. And literally, well, theyre very bigger. They take up a lot of space in a room and provide anchor a decorating scheme.Picture Courtesy:- Scarlet SplendourHence we can say that, choosing the right sofa for your home and your lifestyle is a serious matter.ColourIts very attractive to go neutral while you are buying a new sofa, so the piece works in a variety of different spaces. Which makes sense. But if anyhow you love the colour, you shouldnt be afraid of it anyhow a sofa can be a statement piece and colour makes it exciting.ShapeThe lines of a new sofa are an important element of the overall look. The shape of your new sofa is undeniably feminine and traditional. ComfortIts very easier to get caught up in how a new sofa looks but dont forget that a good sofa is comfortable, too.Cushion appearanceOvercrowded cushions look casual and also very comfortable, while you can say that the tailored cushions look very much sophisticated. These kind of new sofa has a great mix of tailored bottom cushions and also loose top pillowsArm styleSofas styles are heavily influenced by their arms. This sofa rolled arms add a feminine Art Deco element to a sofa that would look much more masculine and modern with straight armsFrameA solid frame is a very important element of a good new sofa. You dont want it to crumple under you! Sit and move in all directions comfortably around on the sofa before buying it youll surely get a feel for the construction and how well it will hold up.Rushing the ProcessFurniture is staged to look great in a showroom, but you need to imagine what it will look like in your home. So, ignore the pushy salesperson or the voice in your head telling you to hurry up. Instead, slow down and be methodical in your shopping. While youre at the store, test every piece you like open and close the drawers, sit on the sofa for a few minutes, check the sturdiness of the TV stand. Be sure to take pictures and bring fabric swatches home with you so you can get a sense of how each piece would look in your space. Youre about to spend your hard-earned money, so do so wisely.Forgetting to MeasureIt cant be said enough: Measure everything! Before you hit the stores, measure your space and the dimensions of the furniture you currently have, whether or not its all staying in the room. Although youre not necessarily planning on buying a piece thats the same size as what you own now, having a basis of comparison can help you make a decision. Before you settle on a piece, go home and map out potential new furniture arrangements. One good method is to stick the painters tape on the floor so that it can represent the dimensions of the new piece which you are going to consider, be it a chair, sofa, or table. Other important spots to measure? The doorways and other passageways through which youll be moving your new furniture. The last thing you want on delivery day is to realize there is no way to get that sleeper sofa into your house
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