Where Can I Get Mini LED Lights for My Model Airplane?

Here is a guide to doing so: I buy a lot of LED lights for my model railroad projects through this company: I'd imagine you could also get them from Radio Shack or any other electronics store.

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How likely is it because the capacitor is reversed in this situation?

Do not trust those so called " solar cellphone charger " is able to use its mini size solar panel to charge heavy current rate cellphone battery. This product just another way to cheap you paid more for an useless device. Nothing wrong with the capacitor, just the size of solar cell is too small that produce just a few mA.


Can I replace the lights in my incandescent

It is usually not a good idea to mix LED and incandescent bulbs. While incandescents can run on either AC or DC, LED require DC or the will flicker. My advice would be to get a new star and to never string different lights from different manufactures. The best solution is to get a cheap green extension cord


VW Passat Instument Cluster bulb?

The "light bulb" is a surface mount LED soldered/bonded to the printed circuit board. Sadly, people have been known to simply chisel it off the board. Repairing this takes soldering skills that are beyond many people - if the circuit board itself hasn't been irretrievably damaged. Worst case, you might have to replace the instrument cluster


Mom car, mini van or suv?

I would recomend that you get a Dodge Journey. They have the seating capacity of a minivan and the looks of a SUV. The 2012 Dodge Journey also has a lot of cool and unique features like, a giant touch screen, LED tail lights, seating for 7, powerful yet fuel efficient V6, and AWD. It is also the cheapest car in its class


What is the function of these diodes? !?

the diodes form logical OR circuits. Some sort of decoder, like a 7 segment decoder. For example, LEDs 1,2 go on when outputs Q0 or Q1 or Q3 go positive.

The transistors T1, T2 are an astable multivibrator, functioning as a clock, presumably. T3 buffers the multivibrator to the IC.

100 ohm resistors are to limit the current to the LED's.


Where can I buy mini LED lights and batteries in bulk for cheap?

In Radioshack!! Just ask for an employee discount because its customer appreciation week over there,they'll take 10% off and they also have the 40 pack of AA'S or AAA's for only 10.49 with the discount!!, Im a District Manager, so if anything tell me which RadioShack is the most nearby and ill get in contact with them!!


These are my specs for my $4000 pc, what games can this play and on what settings?

All you have to do is google benchmarks for your video card setup to find out what you would be able to play at what setting. Everything else isn't going to effect your framerate by more than 1 or 2 frames.

You also can only use 2 590s and gtx 690 would be a better buy right now (if its ever in stock...)


I need a thin light that lights up in a circle.?

Hey there, if you're looking for a LED light have you checked out LED Outfitters? They sell LED lights for cars, but I think they might have something similiar to what you are looking for. They sell what they call a Chrysler Mini. But it's powered through a Cigarette lighter adapter. So that may cause a problem.


What is a good gift for a first time mom?

for the mom i would put together some meals that can be frozen and then reheated whenever they want to use them! New parents don't really feel like cooking, it is such a big help!!! As for the baby, a little kit of bath stuff, a hooded towel, wash cloths, baby soap, shampoo, lotion and nail clippers are wonderful gifts!!


Which laptop will best fit my needs?

for your price range, youre not gonna get anything with great quality but i would suggest a netbook in the 14 inch or whatever they offer it. but if you really want reliability and a nice laptop, get a dell inspiron for 399, 499 or 599 depending on which model because you will <3 it and its sooo worth the extra money!!


Looking for mini dv camcorder.?

I bought a SONY DCR-HC36 for about $300. It records to MiniDV tapes AND SD Cards. The resolution on the SD Capture mode is limited however. It's affordable, lightweight, has NightShot Plus with infrared light (switchable on/off). With a firewire cable (4 pin) it transfers full res no problems. I love mine and use it to make short movies


hp mini 311 prconfigured ok or asus ul30a or (READ DETAILS)?

Out of these two, I would go for the Asus UL30A. It has better performances. But if you want something else, then get a Samsung or an Asus Eee PC laptop. They're really reliable. MacBooks are just a waste of money. You can get the same PC for half the price, so don't wait until you have more money.


are these laptops good for gaming?

It should run it nicely you may even be able to get away with running games like COD4 and Bioshock Your laptop is almost the same spec as mine only i have an 8600GT M and a slightly faster CPU and it can run Crysis on full with very little slowdown so you shoudl be able to max out Battlefield 2 easy


Are there any CFL or LED alternatives to a Halogen T4 mini candelabra (E11 base) lamp?

Probably not as halogen lamps usually are on a reduced voltage circuit (via an autotransformer)

which reduces the voltage to about 50 V which is the most common voltage for halogen lighting products. Try contacting manufacturers of the various types of fixtures (sylvania//GE//Lightolier)

as they are coming up with new ways of lighting constantly. master electrician 30 yrs. IBEW


mini fish tank and which fish help please!?

Shrimp are truly cool for tanks this small they are constantly doing something. i could recommend a betta yet in view which you pick for greater that one, in keeping with probability 3 fancy tail guppies (all male!!) Is there any kind of filtering equipment? i could recommend one, just to make your existence much less complicated interior the long-term


I am looking for higher quality DIY LED soffit lights, any suggestions?

Delphi is expensive even if you are a contractor!

Pegasus is an easier, more cost effective supplier of anything LED.

If you already have exterior recessed lighting, they also sell retrofit LED trims.

I've been trying to get one of my local lighting suppliers to order from Pegasus just for the LED lighting. ------

Where can I find the best netbook for school?

You can call or chat on line with some of the major sellers of netbooks, such as Dell. They have trained counselors to help you select one with the features you will find useful. They also can discuss specific features of each product in depth and they vary greatly so take notes before you sit down to decide.


What size bulb is compatible with a "Stick-up Bulb"?

Different units use different bulbs. Take it apart and see what it uses. Then the battery power has to be considered. Most of them are just a simple flash light circuit using the same parts in a different package. I have modified a couple to use rechargeable 2500 mah batteries and 3 volt leds or bulbs. More light and longer use cycle.


How would I add a 12V plug to an emergency light that is meant fro hardwiring?

Closest thing I could find for you model number is the "SVP 360 LED Mini-Bar, Magnetic Mount w/Cig Plug Adapter"

This already has a plug designed for 12 volt auto systems.

Can you explain exactly what you want? In any case, 12 volts DC requires only two wires, so you have an extra that you have to figure out.



what kind of fuse should i use?

are the lights for show? if so you really don't need a fuse to run them just run a power wire to your toggle switch and connect the lights power to the toggle and ground the neg. to the body of the car. try to use the same gauge wire as the lights or go one size up


Should I add mini lights?

Yes, definitely. How many trees do you have? If you have three trees, do each tree a different color. Red, green and blue are 3 of my favorite Christmas colors. Gold is also a nice color. I would keep with the c7s you have, but add color. Here is a link. ------

Can FHP control color of light bar?

Those light bars are VLB (visible light bars), police are not in control over what color options are chosen, as you said, it's randomly picked, based on weather conditions. Most big cities/communities have these light bars on the cars. They are meant to NOT attract drunk drivers, but also be visible to the non impaired driver. Safety 1st!.


How do I consciously control my actions?

Be yourself,Keep in mind every action has an equal and opposite reaction..

Actions taken at the time of tensed situation will always bring a negative reaction only...

So cool yourself..

You'll feel great that you didnt punished(ie.forgave)one whom harmed you....

Try it.....

After all we are also one of the creatures in earth created by god......


I need help on deciding with laptop to buy.?

Hi there,

What will you be using your laptop for? One good choice is the Dell Studio 15. It is very affordable at $649 and it has a fast processor, plenty of hard drive space, and 4 GB of RAM. The 15.6" is a nice, medium size and it is very portable at 5.5 lbs.

What do you think?



MSFT Windows Outreach Team


will installing the sims 3 slow my computer down, or just the game its self?

I have EVERY expansion and stuff pack of the game so I can give you an honest answer here. My computer did slow down with this many programs however the part that will cause major lag would be custom content. If you can keep her a way from downloading content for her game then you will be just fine.


Apple ipad 4th gen worth it? or should i get an ipad mini?

IPad 4th gen.? All there is also, is iPad, iPad 2 the brand new iPad (three) and the mini. The mini is precisely the same because the third gen. Besides it is smaller and expense less moreover it is extra portable and more contemporary, has Siri and so forth. I'd get the mini but I already got the iPad 2 so yeah


DIY Headphones Wiring and LED?

Headphones work with two hots (a left and a right) and one ground shared between the two.

Headphone outputs do not have enough power to light LEDs at all, so don't start.

What you can do is use the small audio signals there to trigger electronics which control the LEDs, all being powered by their own battery pack..

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Our Backyard Is Mulched Every Year. What Other Materials Can We Use to Cover the Backyard?
You can get different types of rock over at home depot for really cheap, and it lasts forever! there are multiple colors, and/ or you can get plane white. Also adding some potted plants (small trees, bushes, flowers, etc..). When/if you put rocks/stones in you do not have to remove the mulch just put the rocks right over the top of it. I am a landscape designer so you can take it form me. Also if you want more options then you can ask over at home depot or lows etc.. whatever is in your area, or you can just google search them and check out there websites.1. How to have a backyard formal sweet 16 party?I am a backyard party guy myself. To have a good party all you need is alcohol and fun people. It also really helps to have a pool2. Ideas for making a backyard fort moveableWhat about a "two skid" approach, where you lay a set of skids down, then lay a slippery layer - something like the "bunk slicks" they use on boat trailers, then lay another set of skids down, and build the fort on top of those. Pin/bolt or plate those top and bottom skid pairs together.Then, when/if moving time comes, unpin, and the fort/top skids should slide off the bottom skids, perhaps onto a set of log rollers.3. Covering for Dirt Backyard?Sod? Perimeters in mulch or stone?4. Where/how to get a backyard wishing well installed?You dig a well and then put a "wishing well" kind of thing around the top of it and then you would have to have the crank, rope, and bucket. My old shallow well, the one my household water used to come from, has a wishing well decorative housing around it. The well itself goes about 20 feet down, is about 3 feet across, and has a concrete lining so the edges do not collapse. I do not know how far down you would have to dig at your place to get a well that would hold water. Mine used to go dry every summer anyway. Shallow wells are quite common in some parts of the country. In other parts, they are unknown because the water table is too far down and you must have a deep drilled well. But I keep mine very solidly covered. I have no wish to find one of my cats, or a raccoon, or something, drowned in it because they fell in and could not get out. I do not have any kids and neither do any of my neighbours or I would be even more paranoid about it. You might not be allowed to dig a genuine well if you live in a place with piped water, and safety is a big concern with wells big enough for people and animals to fall into. And digging a real well seems like an expensive thing to do as a backyard ornament. I suppose you could install a tank or pool of some kind in the ground, fill it with water, and have the crank and bucket, but you would still want a way to cover it for safety reasons.5. Can My Landlord Live In My Backyard?I would be nice, and then politely inform the police that people are illegally living on your street. Hopefully they will move them on ;) But they might want their house back after that.6. Cons to putting dog in backyard?The problem is they are not protected or confined where you know where they are. Being crammed in a crate can sometimes be uncomfortable for the dog - but at least they are safe inside, you know where they are, and what they are getting into. If the dog is not chained, has water, access to shade or shelter, and a secure perimeter it's not as bad. A lot can happen in 15 hours, you know? But 15 is definitely too long to crate a dog. The cons I can think of on the top of my head could be: Theft of your dog, unfamiliar or diseased animals getting into the yard, fleas/ticks/parasites, another dog jumping the fence, the possibility of him digging under the fence, people throwing bones or other foods into your yard ( one time someone threw poison in neighbors yard when he dog was in the back ), and the initial thought of never knowing what your dog is doing, eating, or getting into, get his leg stuck in something or get injured in general, someone could come over and let him out, he could bark constantly and annoy the neighbors. I would recommended a lock on your gate. There's some weird people out there.
Why Isnt Susan and Prince Caspian Going to Be in Any Other Narnia Movies What Happends in the Book?
Yeah, Caspian dies in the Silver Chair of old age BUT he is in the Last Battle (long story short, most of the main characters end up in that story). Sadly, in the books, Susan never enters Narnia again, she became "to interested in nylons and lipsticks" and wanted to grow up to badly. However, I heard that in order not to receive criticism, the movie producers will be putting Susan in the Last Battle movie. I mean, she and Caspian are awesome together! How could they not? There will be a feminist uprising if they do not lol!!! (-:1. How come Susan Rice is a multimillionaire, with investments in the Canadian oil industry?That should make you delighted, maybe now they will stop 'raising questions'. BTW as a Secretary of State, or an Ambassador the the UN she would have no involvement in the Department of the Interior.2. Why does Republican senator Susan Collins think President Trump should u201capologizeu201d for his actions on what Trump says was a u201cperfectu201d call?She's in denial regarding her own complicity and dread fear of his base coming after her. She probably knows he is incapable of recognizing he has faults.He is a victim of mastery and his mastery is as a bully marketeer who knows the power of repetition. He knows he can never be wrong, he can never apologize, or he would lose his base of angry white supremacists.The cult leader, ironically, gets stuck in his own cult, and they reinforce each other. It's a negative feedback loop which includes the entire GOP.3. Poll :: Who's Uglier? Amy Winehouse or Susan Boyle?Susan Boyle got plastic surgery and models know...watch what u say4. Where the heck did Susan come from in Prison Break?Susan appeared in this season and shes someone you love to hate I cant wait to see what Michael and Linc do to her when they get LT out of harms way and for killing Sarah As far as the coordinates she wants it has not come out yet, i think it might have to due with maybe a plane that went down that whistler saw and there's something on there that she want that's my guess.5. Are you happy that Susan Rice withdrew from being Sec. of State?Best for everyone involved but Obama wont be happy now with this one6. Well one guy on Y!A thought that Susan Boyle is hotter than Megan Fox... doesn't that prove...?No. it proves hes a joker7. Outfit ideas PLEASE 10 POINTS ?beach- get a loose top (white or sumthing) then wear some hot pink boardshorts and put hair in loose ponytail. audition- dress up like what susan would wear. but i would wear like a sleevless top with jeans and some flats.8. Will Susan Collins, Republican senator from Maine, be defeated because she voted to confirm Brett Kavanaugh for the US Supreme Court?Likely, though this analysis misses a crucial issue. Had Collins voted against Kavanaugh, she almost certainly would've faced defeat to a primary challenger9. Do you like Susan Boyle [From Britain's Got Talent]?its not my style of music at all-but i am happy for her. I hated how people made fun of her at first......then they were all shocked to see she could actually sing. it was priceless.10. Lets face it Susan Boyle should have won, agree?No. Because she came second and now she's in HOSPITAL in a mental health ward ? Imagine what would've happened if she came first - she would've gone even more nuts ! Jeez..11. The Susan Boyle phenomenon: no offense, but what's so special about her singing?The Susan Boyle phenomenon is a breath of fresh air, in my opinion. Yes, I do happen to mostly enjoy Classical and Opera music of many kinds. The fact that as of April 20, 2009 66 million people have viewed her YouTube video speaks volumes. As a singer in church choirs and soloist upon occasion, I know the tremendous Courage it would take to sing before such critical judges! I have listened to this video about 4 times and hear such emotion in her voice. I would describe her as "real" in terms of emotion and ability to connect with an audience. Assessing someones voice will always be a range of opinions: from pleasing to pure to beautiful....etc.
WATCH: Texans QB Deshaun Watson Connects with WR Keke Coutee During Team Portion
Receiver Keke Coutee as a relief valve for quarterback Deshaun Watson when he is facing pressure is one of the elements of the Houston Texans offense that was sorely missing in 2018.The duo got a chance to put that connection on display against the Green Bay Packers Tuesday during the second day of joint training camp practices between the two teams.Deshaun Watson to Keke Coutee in team drills vs Packers.Get used to that connection. pic.twitter.com/myxqA2oBfK- Drew Dougherty (@DoughertyDrew) August 6, 2019Of course, Watson wasn't facing any true pressure, given the red jersey designates him as a player who can't be tackled. Nevertheless, the Pro Bowl quarterback continues to see Coutee as an option in the passing game.As has been discussed on the "Texans Talk Podcast," having Coutee available could be one of the solutions to keeping Watson off the ground in 2019. The slot receiver would be a reliable target to help Watson out if he faced any pressure.Deshaun Watson on Keke Coutee "He's going to definitely help this team win a lot of games" Texans- Anthony Wood (@arwoodNFL) August 6, 2019The question is: Can Coutee stay healthy? Consider that he has already passed the point in training camp where his hamstring issues first flared up last year, which ultimately limited him to six regular season games. So far, so good.Sign up for the Texans Wire email newsletter to get our top stories in your inbox every morningPlease re-enter your email address.You'll now receive the top Texans Wire stories each day directly in your inbox.
If the Father Has to Pay for College for 1 Child Why Does His Child Support Increase for the Other C
hire a better lawyer that he had1. If I have severe arthritis in my knees, and am knock-kneed as well, will I ever be able to perform an unmodified "child's pose" in yoga, if I practice yoga everyday to improve my flexibility?Your knock knees might be the cause of your knee pain and I believe You might have the flat feet tooFirst thing you should try to work on your posture.There are many yoga asanas that can stretch and lengthen the overactive muscles and strengthen the weak muscles.As far as Child pose is concerned, you must use modified child pose ( Chest resting on the bolster and keeping blankets behind bend knees ). You can do child Once you fully recover your Knee arthritis .In the end I would say child pose should not be the concern, the first thing you should recover your pain and knock knees, then let Qualified and experienced yoga teacher decide what poses are good for you.Wish u strong ,supple and healthy knees :).2. is this child abuse?????????????????????????????? ?When you walk in the door of your mom's house and tell her not to annoy you, you are way off base. You can call her what you want, but you cannot call yourself abused if you still live with her. You could have gone several years ago3. Pros and cons of homeschooling a child?pros NO competition to b beter than anyone else kids are usually better behaved and nicer always have their favorite teacher....if their still young do not have to wait to b called on by the teacher cons friends i am Homeschooling my kids4. Can a bbgun hurt a child?It depends on how far it is shot from and what type of pellets are used. If shot close enough with metal pellets, it may seriously injure or even kill a child. With the soft air ones, he/she will just get a sting.5. Disney and Child Movie Inappropriates?(eyeroll) okay, that's what you would call "multi-level" entertaining... something that the kids will enjoy, and the ADULTS will as well because of the "inside jokes" that just go right over the kids' heads. What are you getting your knickers in a knot for? It's just a movie... believe me, your kids are taking their cues from the REAL people around them... so make sure YOU are setting a good example!6. is this child abuse?Yes. We need more caring people like you in the world actually do something about child abuse..Instead of just ignoring it. Imagine what that child must be geting at home!7. Affects of Child abuse?Child abuse is a horrible HORRIBLE thing (be it verbal or physical it leads to emotional hurt) - in my previous lectures at University I have learnt a few very important things about child development and one of then is the fact that "Whatever happens in your childhood - affects you for life" (often it does anyway). One very important issue is also parenting styles that contribute toward a child's personality in later life and his/her ability to have relationships (friendships and romantic ones) as an adult. Child abuse can leave the child with extreme types of behavior in later life. Here are some examples: 1) The child grows up having "antisocial personality disorder" (which CAN lead to psychopathic behavior). Antisocial personality disorder consists of lying as one of its characteristics. Apparently these people can also come across being "charming" -- however, have dangerous personas (personalities). 2) The child can become very depressive, and end up committing suicide or having failed attempts at suicide. 3) The child can grow up feeling very withdrawn from people, almost paranoid I suppose -- but being afraid of parents. Emotional stress is likely, where the person is very sensitive or haunted by images of child abuse (traumatized if you will). 4) The child grows up reliving the abuse, carrying it out on his/her own children. These are a few examples. Other things that can happen to a child/adult who has been victim of child abuse: * The person becomes a bad parent or is unable to care for his/her own child. * The person shows unpredictable behavior such as compulsive lying or stealing. Random or sudden violence is also common. Anger is often uncontrollable. * Sometimes they silently rock themselves without knowing it, while "hugging themselves" in an attempt to comfort him/herself. (This is often if the child is neglected by the parent). * They have trouble forming friends or maintaining relationships in adulthood because (sometimes) they fear of being hurt - trust issues are a big one! Especially in sharing emotions. Often, emotions are bottled up. * Nightmares! * Self harm (not a suicidal attempt). * Preferring own company to that of others. * Very low faith, courage and self esteem of self - this includes troubles at achieving goals or lacking feelings of being satisfied when having has achieved them. Sometimes this is associated with eating disorders, and therefore weight or health issues. * Sometimes drug or alcohol abuse is found too. * May have trouble having sexual relationships, especially being unable to commit the act or to a lover. * Depression and Anxiety are common too. I hope this helps... I kinda listed them, sorry if it seems a bit messy. I got caught up thinking deeply about my own childhood... ### STOP CHILD ABUSE, DON'T LET IT HAPPEN! ###
Which Types of Sashimi Have the Lowest Amounts of Mercury, PCBs, and Other Bad Stuff?
NO you can not eat enough fish at any restaurant... you can not afford it.. You would have to eat 3 meals a day 7 days for months and only the meat.. Sorry food freaks got you spoofed .. Why not check the California's Department of Fish and Game,, fishing rules and regulation booklet It has a good explanation of the chemical threat of sea food.. Remember there would be all kinds of death reports in all the Asian communities IF that were true.. and the CDC would be on the news every day..1. What procedures do chiefs take to ensure sushi (sashimi) is safe to eat?Any fish used for sushi should be frozen for a certain amount of time (varies depending on state law) before served. Freezing ensures that any parasites in the fish are dead before consumption. (You are still eating the parasite, by the way, which grosses me out) The main parasite of concern is anasakis, a roundworm. The risks from eating raw fish are parasite infection and/or bacterial infection - aka food poisoning.2. Can you eat the raw salmon bought at Costco or Samsclub as sashimi? Is it fresh enough and clean enough?I would not eat any raw Fish. I never had Sushi, I would not start now. Salmon is my Favorite Fish. It must be purchased from Wild Alaska. The freshest part of Fish. It even states "Never buy Farm Raised!" You do not know what Foods were given to the Fish to eat. You can get defects from Farm Raised as I have read about3. Where can you buy sashimi grade fish in Jakarta, Indonesia?Papaya Japanese Supermarket, they have stores in Blok M, Citywalk, Apartment Bumimas and One Park Gandaria4. Ideas for dinner party theme?Sounds fun. I love Japanese food. Sushi is not too hard to make. You could have serve sake (hot & cold), and make a variety of different sushi rolls and sashimi since your guests are adventurous. Plus miso soup & udon noodles to round out the meal. If you have a good Asian grocer's near your home you should be able to find green tea & red bean ice cream for dessert :).5. What is the best fish to have for sushi/sashimi?Salmon, Tuna, Crab & Eel. Absolutely fresh and the best! The Japanese are amused that Americans use soy sauce when eating sushi/sashimi. Next time, try it without. You are better able to appreciate the flavors of these great seafoods! By the way, the point of pickled ginger, which you can make at home with fresh, shaved ginger, salt and shredded beets marinated overnight, is to cleanse the palate between different fishes and other seafoods. Oh, and I gotta have my wasabi! Frederic Kahler6. OK..please settle this for me, should sushi / sashimi be eaten with or without chopsticks?..also soy sauce??Use whatever will be less messy and cumbersome. I personally use my fingers as sushi tends to fall apart. Use as much soy sauce as you want. Add the wasabe to it to suit your taste. Try to eat the roll in one bite, otherwise it falls apart.7. Do you like sushi, and/or sashimi?I tried sushi once8. What's the best type of sushi and sashimi to start out with?philidelphia rolls. or any of the sashami that has salmon or shrimp on top. or basically any roll that you can recognize all of the ingredients when looking at them9. Sushi/sashimi general knowledge test: when did the Japanese as a people first start widely eating raw fish?well, whats the answer?10. HELP! Going to Sushi with a girl?are you an adventurous eater? if you are used to meat and potatoes and feel apprehensive about raw fish, i would recommend the california roll (rice, crab or imitation crab, avocado, cucumber, seaweed, and sometimes tobiko- fish eggs), cucumber roll (cucumber, rice, seaweed) or chicken teriyaki. the eel is cooked, so is the shrimp but, not the sweet shrimp (that is raw). edamame is a good starter, they are soy beans. you pop them out of the shell and into your mouth. if you order soup, it may not be served with a spoon which, is normal. just pick up the bowl and drink. if you like seared tuna, order the albacore. sushi is fish on top of rice, sashimi is just the fish and costs more. depending on where you go, there are a variety of rolls, some containing cooked fish. usually, the server or sushi chef will give you a white piece of paper, or it will already be on your table, it is a list of fish with 2 columns, usually the first for sushi and the second for sashimi. sushi typically comes in 2 pieces and you usually get more than 3 pieces of sashimi. if you want to order 1 serving of raw tuna sushi (maguro), mark a 1 in the first column and you will receive 2 squares of rice each topped with a piece of raw tuna. mark a 1 in the 2nd column and you will receive several pieces of raw tuna. eat the sashimi with the chopsticks or a fork, dip in shoyu (soy sauce) and pop the whole thing in your mouth. you can eat the sushi with chopsticks or your hands, dip in shoyu and pop the whole thing in your mouth. ginger is used to cleanse your palate, do not eat it with the sushi or put it in your shoyu. i recommend trying the tuna (maguro), it is bright red but, very mild in flavor and has a very pleasant texture. although, it is endangered so try not to eat too much. many people do things that go against traditional sushi etiquette and if they do, just ignore them and their strange ways. if someone says something to you, just smile and nod, they could be wrong. i've gotten grief for placing extra wasabi (the green ball, spicy japanese horseradish), on my fish and not in my shoyu but, traditionally it is not added to the shoyu. if you sit at the sushi bar and the chef is not too busy, you can socialize and they usually appreciate when you share your beer with them. do not feel weird about telling your date you've never been to a sushi restaurant before, everyone has their first time. ;) have fun!
Will a Humidifier Help to Keep the Dust Down in My House This Winter?
I agree with the above. Humidifier dust=mud1. What is the difference between a Cool Mist Humidifier and a Warm Mist Vaporizer?A cool mist humidifier uses ultrasonic or evaporation to humidify the air, the mist that comes out is a cool temperature. The warm mist basically boils the water and releases a small stream of steam into the air, the steam cools before it exits the humidifier but it's still warm. Why you would want one over the other for your kids is something I do not know. I am surprised it makes a difference2. 10 Best Humidifiers In IndiaThe indoor air can at times be really fussy. Either it's really humid or pretty dry, too hot, or really cold. Predominantly all through the winter season, the people who are trying to keep their house warm frequently require dealing with really dry air triggered by the stumpy level of humidity. This gives rise to a wide range of problems, starting from the maddening sinuses to the bloody nose to chapped lips. All these problems might take really serious shape in case no preventive measures are taken in the direction of getting the moisture levels stable that is not too high or not too low. Therefore, to get that done, we have listed the Best Humidifiers in India! These Humidifiers are a reasonably priced solution to improve the moisture levels to any indoor setting. There are plenty of aspects to ruminate over whilst selecting an appropriate humidifier, like the simplicity of cleanup (growth of bacteria might be a glitch for such devices), kind of humidifier (ultrasonic, evaporative, or warm-mist), and the overall size. Editor's Top Picks: 5 of the Top Humidifiers In India So, go through our overall humidifier reviews, and we are pretty certain that no matter which one you opt for, the moisture level vows in your household will surely be resolved. The Best Humidifiers In India You Can Buy Today This humidifier from Usha turns your room's air clean, out of germs, more pleasing, and relaxing. It produces ultra-fine water units that avoid wallpapers, books, and mats from being wet & moldy. It comes with 8 adaptable humidity levels together with 8 kinds of musical tunes. It comprises an LED light to indicate power, humidity mode, and the water-deficiency indicator. It also comprises a touch control along with the remote control utility to add user convenience. The Starry Night Cool Mist Humidifier from Vicks offers you the calming, cool, invisible mist and a soothing environment for your children as well as you all night. The V3700 comprises of a Starry Night projector that has the capability to change your kid's room into a sky similar to a starry night. The scent pad heater generates calming menthol fumes for additional relief. This Crane Ultrasonic humidifier has been proven to assist in diminishing mold and microbes build up to approximately 99% as the humidifier adds mist into the air, which aids in easing out cough and blocking owing to cold, and respite from dehydrated skin, lips, and eyes. This humidifier makes use of the metal diaphragm which vibrates at an ultrasonic rate, much similar to the component in a high-rate stereo speaker to generate vapor. This ultrasonic humidifier is very quiet in its working and makes a fine layer of moisture inside your room. This air humidifier from Beurer is a very well-constructed model having a very contemporary look and design so as to match the interiors of your room and mix into the surroundings pretty well. This humidifier offers a nice amount of mist in the room that keeps away the microbes, and adds moisture to your skin, eyes, and lips. The moisture that is produced is really fine and appropriate for any room in your house. This humidifier comprises of a 2-liter capacity to allow you to relish its 5-in-1 utilities for extended hours and even throughout the sleep. It is the ideal appliance to utilize like a humidifier, a night-lamp, an air purifier, an ionizer, and also an aromatherapy gadget. This ultrasonic humidifier and the aroma diffuser rely on to the 2.4 MHz ultrasonic vibrations to transform water or any oil into fine cool moisture lacking the usage of any sort of heat. This drop shaped ultrasonic cool mist humidifier is a really top class model having a high tank capacity of 8.7 Liters and a very cool and inventive design. This humidifier works really amazingly and effectively. This humidifier has the capability to get rid of all the microbes present in the air as well as the dryness that prevails inside the room, which helps you breathe well, relieve chapped lips, dry eyes, and dry skin. This humidifier from Allin Exporters offers ample moisture and has an energy-effectual design, which turns it an ideal fit for any sort of room inside your house or any office. This humidifier permits you to build a relaxed and breathable living or office space having the unobtrusive solid design. Its water tank is simple refillable and operated even on the regular tap water taken from your kitchen sink. So, get rid of the itchy dry air and respire easy having this amazing Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier. This Robustrion Ultrasonic Humidifier is very unique and compact in design which looks pretty well within the interiors of your home or office since it is wood-grain coated. This humidifier offers a great mist output and may run up to 10 hours and give constant output. This humidifier is extremely quiet and noise-free in its working and gives out ultra-fine and smooth mist at a constant rate. The Vornado Evap2 Humidifier is an exceptionally effective signifies to generate a contented, faultlessly humidified living space that helps in keeping your skin, eyes, and lips hydrated all day long. The Evap2 moreover improves and circulates heat out of the ceiling, aiding to uphold a uniform room temperature - particularly useful throughout the dry and cold winters. The inbuilt humidistat routinely and precisely controls the humidity output or might be set to operate endlessly. This humidifier from Honeywell is a very contemporary and stylish model since it is really sleek and mixes well with the interiors of your house. It generates a really comfortable environment inside your room and helps you get moisture in the dry and cold winter season. The humidifier has a 4.9 Liter tank capacity which runs for quite a long time providing you a really soothing place to relax and constant output of mist as well. After some discussion about the best humidifiers and their advantages, some of you may be curious about the mechanism as to how a humidifier works. No written explanation this time - simply watch this video. Or maybe no, we will provide a written explanation in case you guys prefer it that way. If you have watched the video, you may simply skip this section. When we put what the video shows into simple words, a humidifier is an appliance or device utilized to upturn the quantity of water vapor present in the indoor air, comprising a water container in addition to a vaporizer. Some humidifiers make use of a regulator that might be able to sense the quantity of moisture present in the room. This control sequences the humidifier switching off and on. Since it takes account of the dryness, the water panel of the humidifier helps in increasing the quantity of water vapor present in the indoor air whilst it is required. So as to get some further insight regarding the working principle behind them, it is essential to talk over some of the majorly prevalent kinds of humidifiers. The vaporizer or steam humidifiers are appropriately titled since they boil the water and discharge steam inside the room. Similar to every single humidifier, the steam humidifiers senses the level of moisture inside your house. It accomplishes the feat by means of an electronic element known as a 'humidistat,' which is a thermostat crafted for a humidifier. Whilst this apparatus senses the level of humidity is lower as compared to the looked-for setting, it directs a sign to the humidifier to increase it. This type of humidifier turns off and on consequently and heats up the water present in the reservoir within so as to transform it to vapor. Once the water becomes hot and steam is generated, the humidifier guides a signal to the furnace to change to a speed lower than that. The steam then moves to the stream ductwork, propelling moisture inside the room. Whilst the level of humidity comes back to the preferred setting, the unit comforts generation of steam instantly. The steam humidifiers make use of the meekest humidifier equipment, and consequently, are reasonably priced. This type of humidifier makes use of the sound vibrations in great frequencies to generate a really fine vapor. A metal diaphragm pulsating at an ultrasonic rate generates the mist or water droplets. The produced mist is then discharged, transferring moisture inside the dry room. An ultrasonic unit makes use of a transducer, which is an arrangement that conveys the energy signal or high-frequency sound vibration. This sort of humidifier is hushed or generates lesser noise, and the mist that they generate is cool, different from the steam humidifier. The straightforward method of humidifying a space is through employing a pot of water on the stove or the radiator, which permits the moisture to vaporize into the indoor air. This type of humidifier works in much the same way and is quite a bit more efficient at it. The most common evaporative humidifier functions through a wick structure, which makes use of a paper, foam, or cloth wick which pulls water from the reservoir within. A fan is rotating above the wick to allow the air to absorb all that moisture. The greater the humidity inside the room, the tougher it is to vaporize water through the filter. This is the reason why this kind of humidifying arrangement controls itself. When there is an increase in the humidity, the water vapor of the humidifier diminishes on its own. This kind of humidifier is moreover pretty cost-effective, and the elements might be available in bigger or even movable sizes. We have reviewed and analyzed the above stated products in-depth so that our users are able to choose the best one according to their budget as well as requirement. If in any case any user is still confused on which humidifier they must buy, then they may go with our personal suggestion as well. The humidifier that we are recommending our users is the Crane Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, which has the capability to work all day long owing to its 8.7 Liters of tank capacity and provides a nice and comfortable environment inside the room. Did you know that it is humidity which makes us sweat, and not the heat? Of course, you can die of thirst and dehydration from heat in the Arabian desert, and dream up oases in the cruel sand realm. But still, humidity sucks, and much more than heat for most of the world. India too is a humid country, and we could all use a humidifier or two in our house to stay cool and comfy. Last updated on 2021-05-25 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API3. night cough for the past 3 months?use a vaporizer or humidifier in her room, also limit the dairy at night.. dairy can leave a phlegm in your throat and she may just be trying to clear it
How Much and How Often Does It Snow in Lexington Kentucky in the Winter? Does It Stay on the Ground?
On average, the coolest month is January. Average minimum and maximum temperatures for Spring: 34-74; Fall: 36-79; Winter: 23-54. But zeros and teens are not unheard of. We do not get big snow, usual a few inches at a time. We tend to get black ice more often than snow. I usually wear a hiking boot in winter if it's snowy/slushy. You will want something that is water resistant/water proof. Could be hiking boot, tennis shoe, or snow boot. You could pick up boots once you get here. Target or Meijer would be reasonably priced. There's also a Shoe Carnival, Rack Room Shoes and Payless in town. Having some long underwear is a good idea. I usually only need it if I am out shoveling snow or playing in it. I do not wear it when I am walking about campus. Hot Chillys are the best. You can get them any wear you can get ski gear. Hats, scarves, gloves and thick socks are a must. Have this stuff and your long johns on hand. You do not want to find out the hard way your dorm room is cold at night. Or get stuck if the power goes out (can happen with ice storms, but our last one was 2003).1. I'm new to this sort of thing, please help?make usre that when you book a space to hold the wedding not to say that it is for a wedding, say that you want to hold a birthday party, or a large get together, everyone jacks up the price like 3 times the normal for weddings, choose an indoor place, to save money on a tent in the event of snow. Are you looking for a wedding planner, they will help you will all of this. if you are doing it by youself the first things that you need to do is book a place, a time, make a guest list, and pick out the outfits. Choosing your special people is the next step (ie. maid of honor) about six months ahead of time send out save the date cards, followed by a formal invitation. Meet with a catering service atleast two months before. good luck. i bet there a number of websites that help planning weddings. some where nice that doesnt not need decorating is a good way to cut down on cost2. NOW I ask you - Is global warming real?Freezing my ash off here. 8 feet of snow so far. I love global warming3. is it possible to insulate a tent so no heat loss would occur?No, you can not actually "insulate" a tent but you can do some things that can make it more livable in severe weather. It should be a tent designed for winter conditions, with a frame that will withstand snow and wind loads without collapsing or depressing the fly so it hits the tent walls. The fly should fit tightly and reach down as close to the ground as possible to reduce air circulation between it and the walls. If you pitch it in snow, bank the fly into the snow. If you can, pitch it where it is out of the wind, behind a bank of trees or a cliff, but not under trees as they can dump dangerous loads of snow on the tent. The main entrance should face away from the wind direction. You also need to make sure there is some ventilation to reduce the condensation of moisture from your breath and perspiration on the cold tent walls. Moisture in your clothes or bedding can be deadly in severe weather, so keeping them dry is a priority. You should cover the floor with closed cell foam pads like Ensolite at least 1/2 inch thick -- you will probably want something a little thicker on top of that to sleep on. Get a bivouac sack (a breathable nylon or Goretex shell) to put over your sleeping bag to add warmth and keep it dryer -- a lightweight polartech fleece bag liner helps you feel cozier and can be used as a wrap when you are in the tent or around camp. If you are going to be camping for an extended time in a remote location, you would be more comfortable in an outfitter's type canvas wall tent, possibly with a small woodstove and chimney, than a small backpacking tent. Better yet, a traditional canvas teepee like the Plains Indians used. You can even burn a fire inside a teepee, something you could never do in a nylon tent. I've noticed you have been posting a series of questions on here that indicate that you are extremely naive about camping at all, let alone attempting to survive in a remote location for any period of time. You really need some training and experience before you attempt this "mountain man" escapade or you are either going to be giving it up after a few days due to extreme discomfort or even killed due to being totally clueless. Getting a few "tips" from Yahoo Answers is not going to cut it. It sounds as if you have not even camped out in fair weather. I would suggest registering for an Outward Bound or National Outdoor Leadership School course to get first-hand instruction and practice in living beyond civilization. I do not think you have the slightest idea what you are in for.
I Have an Old Car and I Need to Stor It for This Winter Or More ..what Do I Need to Use in My Fuel S
The best thing to do is remove all the fuel from the vehicle. Old fuel tends to gel a bit and that might clog your carberator the next time you attempt to start it1. What happens to my rusty gas tank if I put a couple of magnets in it, would it trap the rust from entering the fuel system and would it affect the fuel in any way?Actually most automobile fuel tanks already have magnets in the bottom to trap rust and other metal shavings which help to keep the fuel clean but it does not guarantee that rust or metal shavings will not enter the fuel system after a few years or when the fuel tank is really rusty2. In carburated fuel system, a "choke" is used to to restrict airflow....?The choke restricts airflow, making a richer mixture -- not leaner -- to make starting easier. Injected systems these days are electronically controlled, and the injectors put more fuel in, to make a richer mixture for starting3. what is wrong with the fuel system on my 1990 dodge truck?yes a bad regulator will cause that to happen, because it allows the fuel to run back in the tank before the proper amount of pressure gets built up on it,and that causes it to starve out for fuel,what you need to do is run a pressure test on it and verify that the pump is putting out enough pressure,they do not always go bad all the sudden i have had them in the shop that was going bad but would still run fairly good, they just would not produce enough pressure to run the engine properly,do the pressure test in two places on it when it comes out of the tank and at the throttle body to verify pressure,they can run for a month or longer before they ever stop running,good luck4. What makes a vehicle, "buck" when you slow to stop and vibrate when you are driving.?Sounds like is misfiring. Could be coil packs. Too early for spark plugs to go bad. Usually they last 100,000 unless you have that mileage. Other could be a vacuum leak, but at normal speed is not that bad. Also could be a plug injector. Buy some Techron is sold on Chevron Gas stations. Dump it with the fuel and see what it does. Is a good cleaner for fuel system. See if you have a clogged air filter. Spark Plugs wire but that is too early for this car. If there is not engine light, it could be one of those things. You need to do some maintenance if you have not done it. If you have a shaky steering wheel. Could be warped rotors caused from excessive braking or wore out tires or both. Start from there and see what it does.5. What happens to my rusty gas tank if I put a couple of magnets in it, would it trap the rust from entering the fuel system and would it affect the fuel in any way?It would not get all the rust. Probably not even much of it. Best thing is to have the tank removed and reconditioned or replaced with new or remanufactured tank. A tank full of rust will cause you nothing but problems. Use a state certified automobile service technician at a licensed service repair facility.6. is it okay to get the fuel system flushed before a transmission tune up or is it the same?A transmission flush focuses on the transmission alone and generally only the fluid in it are changed and checked. A tune up is changing the plugs, wires, air filter, and the oil at this time most fluids should be checked not necessarily changed7. Fuel system problems with my 98 Dodge 2500 diesel.?If You Insist On Diesel Power,Just Make Sure It's A cummin's No Matter what Vehicle it's In,Next,I Would Steer clear Of Chevy or G.M. Model's Like the Plague, Dodge Is Right There Too,There Junker's Right Off the assembly Line, Honda Is not Even A Truck As Far As I Can Tell,Look At The Tundra,It Really look's Like SH#$,Ford Has Some of The Best Truck's Around,Try To Get One With The Overdrive Package For Highway Use, The Bottom line Is,Gas Powered ford Truck's Will give You 18 M.P.G. With The 5.4 Triton,You Can Order It With the Smaller4. 8 V-8 Version And Boost Your Mileage To Around 20,Shop Carefully,Choose Wisely. P.S Forgot to mention The Defect in The doge and Chevy's That Was On National New's recently,Those Vehicle's Have A Defect In The front end's That Cause what there Calling "The Death Shake" If Your truck get's it Going Down The road at Speed,There's No Way to Recover,Bad New's,And The recall Goe's On
I Want to Make a Coffee Shop Bedroom...ideas?
I love the coffee bar in the corner! I would use coffee cups and mugs as accents, perhaps at the corner of the curtains with a scarf type draped over curtain and thru the coffee mug1. redoing bedroom ideas?!?!?PAINT IT WHITE I DID THAT AND IT CAME OUT FANTASTIC AND YOU CAN MATCH IT WITH ANY THING AND CHANGE IT EASILY!!!2. What are some good TEENAGE BEDROOM ideas???what r her likes? Music... fairies.... retro.... Bright.... Parisian.... what things does she like? Have her figure that out & then go w/ that as her theme. Look at covers/drapes & find something then pick 1 or 2 colors out of that to do the walls. Then get some clearance material that match w/ the colors.. does not have to b the same pattern as bed cover.. then cover pillows/cushions... etc... make a pin up board.. things like that. Ck out thrift stores, garage sales, estate sales.. etc.. for vintage or othr items if u go w/ retro/70's or something else. B kreative & have fun!3. Decorating bedroom ideas?? ?I think lavender with white sounds nice. or is you want it bright, try flashing yellow and green. deep red works well on my friend's room. pale yellow with electric blue is perfect. pale blue and pale yellow. peach and pale blue. dark blue and lavender. yellow and pink.4. I need help with bedroom ideas/interior?Well, it is small but still you can work with it. I like the light colored walls, cuz it will help you feel its bigger than it is, you can change the curtains in to shorter ones that only cover the window. and try to get simple plain ones. Patterned fabric would be nice in a bigger space. you can have your room really light gray and if you would like you can have your curtains either aqua blue or pink which ever You should also try to match your bedsheets with your curtains. The good thing about gray is that it's neutral and it goes with everything. I would recommend you removing the TV from your bedroom, cuz it sends off negative energy that wo not help you sleep properly at night and you do have your laptop so you might not need the TV that much. and instead get yourself a plant, like a bamboo any other indoor plant that does not need direct sunlight to survive. You can also repaint your chest of drawers into rusty white, It will go perfect with the gray background of the wall. I like your dream-cacher =) and it suits being on top of the bed, you can take off all these pictures that you have on the side wall and replace it with a beautiful landscape picture, it will be like a window over looking a beautiful, relaxing view. You can also replace it with any kind of artwork that you might like. You can also add a table lamp that will look pretty when lit at night. I hope this would help you with your room make over. =)5. I need bedroom ideas fast!?Okay.gud-luk!!6. Does anyone know a website I can go to to get ocean themed bedroom ideas for teens?Good luck!7. can i have some cool bedroom ideas like a clap on clap off light or something?I would say, buy TWO clappers for your bedroom. Then, take tap-dance lessons. Practice tap-dancing in your bedroom at night, and you will have "homemade strobe lights". In December, put one red and one green light bulb in your two clapper lamps. Be sure to keep the drapes open, so the neighborhood can all see your Christmas display. Now THAT would make you the coolest in your whole town!8. Goth/Metal/Emo meets Stylish/Glam Bedroom Ideas?a vampire inspired room9. black and purple bedroom ideas?Well, whilst I was once repainting my room I had an robust suggestion lol (i am 14 incidentally) and I was once going to color my partitions lime inexperienced after which take a depressing red and simply fling/splatter it all over the place the partitions. I inspiration it would seem cool however ultimately I transformed my brain on account that I desired calmer colours so I painted the partitions white and all of the cabinets and dressers red. So listed below are any other colour strategies red and white inexperienced and red turquoise indigo.
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