Mad Men's Mid-century Modern a Hit with Condo Dwellers

Say the words "mid-century modern" to a room full of people and expect reactions ranging from screw-face to glowing; depending on what generation they were born into (and if it was the 1950s how scarred they were during childhood) along with the influence of AMC's award-winning series Mad Men. Love it or hate it though, local retailers stocking this Scandinavian designed furniture say its clean lines and compact size fits perfectly with Vancouver's condo culture.

"When I first started hearing the term mid-century modern I was sort of thinking oh yeah mid-century: that was a long time ago," says Alan Wilson, the owner of Granville Street's Industrial Revolution, the specialty furniture store that sells newly made mid-century-inspired pieces, among other styles, and has witnessed its rebirth in popularity in the 34 years he's been in business. "And then it dawned on me," says Wilson, "that I'm mid-century modern!"

Uncomfortable with this trend at first, Wilson and his staff had no choice but to embrace it as the majority of his clientele are urbanites living in condos and this style of furniture helps maximize smaller spaces, while adding simple glamour.

The sofas from this design period are generally smaller and lower to the ground and, like the desks and dining tables, they have plenty of room underneath them; so make a place feel spacious.

These pieces were designed to be multi-functional (with hidden storage) and versatile. So many of the desks and dining tables have tops that extend and sometimes swivel to provide more surface space and then slide away to become invisible. Most importantly, says Wilson, this furniture fits into elevators and down the increasingly narrow corridors of apartment buildings.

"I had no idea how small things were actually going to become," says Wilson. "If someone had told me back then (when he opened in 1981) that people were going to be living in three or four-hundred (square) foot condos I don't think I would have believed it."

Smaller, says Lillian Reimer, who has owned and run Commercial Drive's iconic Attic Treasures, which specializes in original mid-century modern furniture and accessories, for more than 25 years. "I get people in here saying 'I've got two-hundred and fifty square feet, what do I do!"

What she does is keep a steady supply of mid-century modern nesting tables, which come as three small separate tables that fit together as one when not being used; so they're perfect for cramped quarters. The Scandinavian designers of this period, like Fritz Hansen, Hans Vagner and Peter Huidt, she says, created pieces that were easy on the eye, with so much air around them they did away with the feeling of clutter.

Reimer's is a family-run business, with her brother handling all the furniture restoration work, her sister the website and social media and her mother the cooking. Her customers come from all over B.C., Seattle, Alberta. "Even Surrey!" she laughs, as she shuffles aside to make way for a film crew hauling a teak and teal mid-century sofa out of her shop to be used in the feature Into the Woods, being shot locally. Reimer supplies a lot of mid-century modern pieces for B.C. film productions and has been featured at the BC Home & Garden Show.

Mad Men she says is often on people's lips when they come into her shop. So much so she's named a line of scotch glasses after it and they're a bestseller.

The mid-tone woods used (often teak or walnut) in mid-century modern pieces really appeal to Vancouverites, says Reimer, because they're warm, and along with the popular orange and teal colours of the period, they offset this city's long, wet and grey winters.

"I would say single-handedly Mad Men made probably the most dramatic impact on the love of mid-century modern," says Jenny Cashin, the owner of Mid-Century Modern Home in the River Market on New Westminster Quay.

Like Wilson and Reimer, Cashin's vintage stock caters heavily to the booming condo market. "When people have smaller spaces they want more stuff out of sight," she says. "So that it doesn't feel cluttered and overwhelming. Mid-century sofas can be picked up with one hand to vacuum under."

Space saving features like the mid-century Danish sideboards that were originally designed for dining rooms, are now being used in all rooms for things like mounting widescreen TV's - as the sliding fronts allow the components to be tucked out of sight, she says.

Cashin says the green aspect of buying vintage is huge for her B.C. customers, and feels there is nothing greener than buying something that has proven its durability over 60 years and looks brand new when restored often allowing her customers to chose their fabric before reupholstering a piece.

Added to this, she says, these pieces have resale value, which make them good investments and heirlooms if they wish to pass them along.

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Table Scraps
Hey there, time traveller!This article was published 13/8/2015 (1429 days ago), so information in it may no longer be current.Tap is short for taproom - in other words, a pub - and there's no mistaking the St. James Tap for anything but. Yes, the space in front is designated as the dining area, and yes (unlike the practice in some others), children are allowed there, but there's nothing that differentiates that space from the rest of this long (300-plus seats) dark cavern - certainly not the mixture of high bar tables with stools and standard dining tables and chairs. Of course there are television sets throughout - mercifully silent in the dining area, when we were there (but I wouldn't expect serenity on game nights).Pubs seem to be a growth industry, and I chose the Tap mainly because (unlike many others) it isn't a chain or franchise operation. I don't know that it would have made much difference since, with a few exceptions, mediocre was as good as it got.The two best exceptions were pub classics, and I'd go back any time for the bangers and mash. Not, come to think of it, that the bratwurst used is British, but it was better than most traditional bangers I can remember: two plump, juicy sausages, bursting with flavour, perched on decent mashed potatoes, with an inoffensive gravy and a tangle of crunchy fried potato shreds ($17).The other, of course, is fish and chips - in this case the very un-English pickerel. There was more batter than fish, but it was crisp and puffy, the fish within was moist and sweet, and the thickish fries and creamy coleslaw were also good. Somebody forgot to include the promised "pea purée," which, unless you're a fan of that incomprehensible British favourite, mushy peas, is probably just as well ($16).The Cabbage Patch was a nice starter of roasted brussels sprouts with strips of bacon, the occasional smidgen of whipped gorgonzola and a few unpleasantly soft pistachios ($8). Two skewers of grilled shrimp, with a cilantro aioli, were good quality, but raised qualms about consistency, since one shrimp was cold and partially raw ($9).But those were the heights, and my qualms were justified by further experiences. Blazing Calamari were over-breaded squid (strips, mostly) and jalapeno slices, with no blaze and no other flavour. With them was a chipotle aioli that tasted sour (a characteristic of some other sauces).There's not much point to a Caprese salad unless the ingredients are top quality - and you'd expect to pay for it. Our Cultured Caprese was a suitably pricey $12, but what it bought were tasteless tomatoes and chunks of unpleasantly dry, rubbery bocconcini, graced only by some good green olives and a few basil leaves.The burger in the bacon cheeseburger was juiceless and without much flavour. The bacon was also dry and sliced miraculously thin, the Bothwell's horseradish and smoked cheddars were no more than an almost translucent glaze, the "sweet caramelized onions" were undetectable and the side of horseradish sauce also tasted sour ($12 with fries, soup or salad).Everything that came with the strip-loin sandwich was good - the fries, the mushroom gravy, the soft-cooked egg on top - everything, that is, but the steak itself, which was tender only in parts and flavourless throughout ($16).The Platter of Bones covers a lot of tasting territory, but it was a $25 disgrace. The wings were very tiny, unseasoned and missing their honey dill sauce. The bits of meat clinging to the ribs tasted dehydrated, with no flavour of barbecue, or much else, for that matter. The single big beef rib was so scorched we had to scrape away much of the black surface. On the side was a container of thin, raw-tasting barbecue sauce, which (I'm guessing) must originally have been intended for basting.The list of beers is fairly lengthy (with 40 on tap), and the cocktails are moderately priced. Although there were few other diners, we waited a long time for the food - a problem in the kitchen is my guess, since the pleasant, attentive and thoroughly knowledgeable service was otherwise faultless.
Renaissance Wedding Theme Ideas
Renaissance Style WeddingHave you always wanted to have a Renaissance Style wedding? The Renaissance Theme can be challenging but also really fun. You will find the creative side of you comes out once you start planning this style of wedding.There are so many things you can do to make your wedding feel like an authentic Renaissance Wedding.Due to the huge interest in the Renaissance era, you will find a lot of places where you can acquire the things you will need for this theme. There are many internet sites that supply costumes, jewelry, decorations, music and even menu ideas. You will also find that this particular theme will be a little easier on the budget, than a traditional wedding. Especially when it comes to the attire.Renaissance Wedding VenueFinding a venue that will have the right feel for your Renaissance theme is going to be the number one priority.An outdoor setting is ideal for your Renaissance Wedding. But if you are forced to have an indoor venue, you can still spruce it up with decorations to make it feel authentic.Finding an outdoor Venue is not really as hard as you might think. Maybe there is a park near you that supplies just the right atmosphere for this type of wedding. Contact the city and see if they allow weddings. Some cities have old castles that can be rented for a wedding. Where I live there is a historic castle that specializes in weddings.Many cities have Renaissance Festivals in the summer months. We have one about an hour away that runs all summer long, and they do weddings. They supply a separate area for your guests as well as entertainment and a Renaissance era feast. If you check online, you may find a Renaissance Festival in your area that hosts weddings. This would be the perfect setting for your Renaissance Themed Wedding.Renaissance Brides Attire A great thing about a Renaissance wedding, is that the Bride can wear whatever color she likes. The tradition of wearing white is fairly recent and was not actually a traditional color during the Renaissance. Darker colors were more popular, such as deep purple, dark green and Red which was worn to invoke fertility. You are certainly welcome to wear White if you desire, but you are not limited to it.Of course for a Renaissance wedding you will probably want to be the Queen. But there are several other costumes that have the Renaissance era theme:QueenMaidenTavern WenchYou will also find that you can buy an appropriate Renaissance Dress for much less than you will pay for an actual Wedding Gown.Headpiece Choices:Renaissance VeilFlower RingTiaraMaiden CircletLace Ribbon HeadbandHead ChainHead NecklaceRenaissance Hair PinsRenaissance Groom Attire The groom should be dressed like a Medieval Knight or a King, depending on the Brides theme. A white or off white, blousy shirt with some kind of vest that matches or compliments the color of the Brides dress.The pants can be fitted or poufy, depending on your preference. A leather belt and knee high leather boots to match will complete the outfit. If you are going to be King, you will probably want a nice coat or cape, which you can find easily if you search the internet for renaissance costumes.Grooms Accessories: Sword (for Knight)Cloth Knights Hood (for Knight)Knights Helmet (for Knight)Shield (for Knight)Shin Guards (for Knight)Cape (King or Knight)Kings Crown (for King)Scepter (for King)You may have to put your own outfit together for your groom. The costumes are sometimes not very well made, but you can find pieces that are good quality and put it together yourself.Renaissance Bridesmaids AttireThere are lot of ways you can go with your bridesmaids depending on how the Bride and Groom decide to dress.If your going for King and Queen, then you will want your Bridesmaids dressed like a Lady in Waiting.If your going for Knight and Maiden, then you might go with a Maiden costume for your Bridesmaids.You could even go with a Robinhood and Maid Marion theme. Your Bridesmaids could dress as Tavern Wenches.The bouquets the Bridesmaids will carry should be very simple. Again depending on which theme the Bride has chosen. If the Bride has chosen the King and Queen theme, then the bouquets could be a bit more elaborate. But if she is going with any of the others, I think I would have small simple bouquets. Maybe even just a few daisies tied together with some ribbon.Make Your Own Invitations Use parchment paper. You can also find cardstock with a parchment look. You can even make your own parchment with off white paper by burning the edges.You should use a font that looks like Calligraphy, such as Old English.The wording on your invitations should be the Renaissance style. It will give your guests a preview of what to expect at your wedding. You could include a picture of the Bride and Groom wearing Renaissance costumes, printed on the front of your parchment. Your invitation should also mention the attire you expect your guests to wear.Invitation Example:Lady Jane Smith & Sir John DoeRequest the honor of thy presence at theirRoyal Wedding. On the 21st day of AprilIn the year of our Lord, Two thousand and FourteenReception Note Example:Merriment and Feasting will commence at(give place and time)Flower Girl AttireWouldn't your flower girl look adorable dressed like a little Renaissance Fairy Princess, wings and all. Carrying her little basket full of rose petals down the isle, dropping them as she goes. This is such a cute, unique idea for a wedding ceremony. She will feel like a real fairy and think of the fun she will have.Your flower girl would also look adorable dressed in a maiden outfit. It just depends on your taste, either way you go would be cute and enjoyable.She will win over the crowd before you ever get started. A Fairy costume will be much cheaper to buy than a fancy Flower girl dress, that she will never wear again. With this outfit she will wear it for many months to come, when she plays dress-up. What a great gift for her to keep and remember your wedding every time she wears itRenaissance Wedding DécorThe décor for your reception will look fabulous when you incorporate your renaissance theme into it. There are so many fun ideas for this theme, your imagination can run wild.Your Renaissance Wedding Cake The wedding cake is one of the most important parts of your wedding planning.Most bakeries can provide you with pretty much anything you can come up with. Do your research and if you have pictures, take plenty of pictures with you when you visit the bakery.If you aren't sure exactly what your want, discuss it with them. They are experts and can probably help you come up with just the right design for your perfect Medieval wedding cake.Do a search online, you will find many unique and beautiful ideas for a renaissance style wedding cake. Table CenterpieceFor a centerpiece you can find many rod iron, renaissance looking candle holders. Check your local craft store of Hobby Lobby. I purchased the ones pictured above at Hobby Lobby when they were half price and they were very reasonable. You can also purchase battery operated candles, so there is no fire danger. I added the lighted grapes, but this centerpiece would also look good with Ivy draped around the candle holders.A rod iron bird cage would also make a great centerpiece for your dining tables.A glass pedestal bowl with floating candles would make a beautiful centerpiece for this theme. You can put battery operated candles in the bottom of these bowls. They sell waterproof ones for this purpose. We made these for my daughters wedding. I used pink candles submerged in a glass pedestal bowl filled with water and glass beads. We then floated pink flower candles in them, which were actually lit.TablewareInside or out, the Table décor will be the most impressive part of your reception. If you search various party supply stores you will find some great choices for your theme. I have listed a few here to get you started.Your tables will be very impressive with the royal blue table cloths, medieval themed plates with matching napkins and jeweled goblets. You could always just purchase plain blue or red plates also.Wall DécorAn outside venue would be a great choice for this style of wedding, but if your reception ends up being indoors, you will still have many options for décor.You can hang ivy in various places on the walls and even incorporate it into your table décor.I found these battery operated torches that would look really cool hanging on the walls also, maybe hang the ivy around the same area as the torches.Favors and Gift TableYou can use the same royal blue table cloths for the gift and favor table, that you are using for the banquet tables. Or you can go with Red, Hunter Green or even White, if that is what you prefer.An appropriately framed photo of the Bride and Groom dressed in their Renaissance outfits would look great on the gift table. You could use an antique or rod iron frame, easily found online or at Hobby Lobby. On either side of the picture I would put some nice rod iron candle holders with battery operated candles.I think a rod iron Bird Cage or a box shaped like a treasure chest, would make a great box for gift cards from your guests. Just make sure the cards will fit in the opening. For my daughters wedding I found a cool box at Hobby Lobby that had a rounded top like a treasure chest. She wasn't having a renaissance wedding, and it was white satin, but could easily have been transformed into a treasure chest. We cut a nice big slit in the top and it worked great for the many gift cards they received.The favor table would look really amazing lined with the awesome little castle favor boxes, I found on Amazon. You can also find rhinestone jewels or fake gold coins, that could be scattered around the favor boxes as an additional favor. The jewels come in pretty much any color you could want. You could scatter smaller jewel confetti among the rhinestones for a bit more bling.Entertainment & Reception MusicFor fun you could have someone dress up like a Court Jester, a Beggar or a Juggler.You will probably have a DJ, so you will want to be sure they have the type of music that you want played at your reception. If your going to play renaissance era music, it might be hard to find a DJ that has that type of music. You will want to let them know well in advance what type of music you expect so that they will have time to acquire enough of it for you.Just because your wedding theme is renaissance era, does not mean you can't have modern music played at the reception. Most weddings I've seen with this theme, use the renaissance music for the ceremony, but when it comes to the reception, they use modern day music so everyone can dance. You might throw in a couple of renaissance songs here and there, just to keep the mood going.You will also want to be sure your DJ has the proper attire for you wedding theme. You might have to provide them with a renaissance costume.It would be ideal if you could find a group of Minstrels for hire. They could stroll through your reception while dinner is being served. I know there are some out there for hire, but depending on where you live, they might not be too abundant. Maybe you know someone who plays an instrument that would be willing to dress like a Minstrel and help you out. But you will probably just be limited to your DJ, who can play a nice renaissance tune during dinner.Renaissance Era MusicThe music from the renaissance era is really beautiful.
More Than a Shrine for the Reds
George Lim is a die-hard fan of English Premier League club Liverpool. This is obvious as an extension of his D'Tavern Pub & Restaurant is decorated with framed Liverpool Football Club (LFC) club jerseys, posters and memorabilia. The 54-year-old pub owner said most of the LFC merchandise was bought in England on his holiday trips. "I have been to Anfield (the LFC stadium) a few times since the 70s," said Lim, who has been a LFC fan for more than 30 years. He said the pub had been operating since February 1983, with the extension added to the premises four years ago. There are more than 10 framed LFC jerseys and shirts, some of which were autographed by former players such as Michael Owen and Robbie Fowler, on the walls of the extension of the pub. There are also LFC jerseys signed by members of the present Champions League-winning squad such as Steven Gerrard, Jerzy Dudek, Sami Hyypia, Jamie Carragher and John Arne Riise. Banners and wallpapers printed with the title of the LFC song You'll Never Walk Alone adorned the walls and ceiling. On the walls are also posters of the trophy-winning LFC teams from the 70s and 80s. Even the toilet door is painted in the red colour of LFC. There are also football memorabilia such as a replica of the World Cup as well as LFC collectibles such as lighters, mugs, key chains and watches stored inside glass-encased cabinets. The extension of the pub also has two pool tables and several wall-mounted televisions. Besides the dedicated "shrine" to LFC, the pub is also known for its Western cuisine. Among its specialities is US Rib-Eye Steak (charbroiled medium) that was served with lettuce, sweet corn, carrot, cucumber, sliced pineapple and mashed potatoes. The steak, which Lim said was air-flown from the United States on a regular basis, was juicy and succulent. Meanwhile, the French Onion Soup that was served with cheese crouton, was another enjoyable dish. The pub also has other specialities like Roasted Lamb Shank as well as seafood dishes including Grilled Tiger Prawns, Baked Ikan Kurau (threadfin), US Live Oysters and Lobster Morney baked with cheese. Lim said the dishes were pork-free. Besides beer, a variety of Australian, New Zealand, French and Italian wines as well as hard liquors are available. The main area of the pub has a restaurant-styled setting with a small stage overlooking dining tables and chairs. Here, there is a stylish retro ambience with framed posters of musicians such as the Beatles, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson as well as contemporary American paintings hung on the walls. The pub, with a seating capacity for 120 people, has a cosy and relaxed atmosphere. During our visit on a Friday night, patrons of the pub and restaurant comprised families, groups of friends and young couples on dates who preferred the privacy afforded by corner tables. "During the day, the place caters to the lunch crowd comprising mostly office workers and businessmen," said Lim. D'TAVERN PUB & RESTAURANT is located at 9, 11 and 15, Jalan Depoh, Port Klang, Selangor. Business Hours: Mon-Sat (11am-1am); Sunday (from 4pm onwards). Mon-Sat, lunch (11.30am-2.30pm); dinner (6.30pm-10.30pm). Sun- day (dinner only). Tel: 03-3168 8580.
Linen Rentals in Denver Impress Your Guests with Perfect Dining
Don't you have enough time to organize next event? Upsetting about related arrangements like table, chairs, and other required linen rentals to plan your event? No need to worry then, because you can get professional assistance from various channels. There are many party rental companies available these days to help you by fulfilling your all party needs. If you are worried about table linen rentals in Denver, then stop doing that. You just need to look out for a reputed company to get your event requirements fulfilled with ease and comfort. Many people are getting confused with the concept of using table linens. Well, it has now become a must to have accessory for your events. Linens and perfectly managed dining arrangements provide your guests a warm welcome. This way, they will feel graced and respected throughout your party. No matter, what type of event you are planning for? Be it a birthday party, wedding ceremony, business conference, city events, casino events, church celebrations or anything else, make sure that you have perfectly ironed and colorful linens for all your tables. This is necessary to provide a charismatic expression on all the guests present there. It is important for you to find a good rental company that can easily satisfy all your needs. Getting what you want is quite a challenging task especially if you are an amateur in the same domain. Regardless of the size of your event, party rental companies have a lot to do with your arrangements. They provide a complete range of exclusive accessories, such as linen rentals in Denver and many more to make your event a great success. Such companies can make arrangements for all, be it a private party or any social event. There are so many aspects that one should consider while organizing their party, such as decoration, catering, menu and so on. Out of all, the foremost thing that gives an everlasting impression is the decoration of your desired venue. It is something that helps in getting the attention of audience towards your event. Decoration is the very first thing that your guests will experience when they arrive at the event. Thus, it is necessary that you make use of breathtaking linens that allow you to get the maximum attention. The table linens are available in a wide variety of colors and textures that can spice up your event. Buying the same is not an optimal solution. You can easily get them via a party rental company. There are so many companies offering table linen rentals in Denver. Make sure that you look out for the most trusted services to enjoy lots of benefits. Using attractive and creative linen rentals are considered a great way to impress your guests' mood at their respective dining tables. The matter of fact is table linens truly act as a basis for perfect dining essentials. So what are you looking for? Start surfing for such rental companies to get the best offers at discounted prices. Get ready to avail the best deals for your upcoming events.
Hilarious Quotes
Life is nothing if we don't spend it laughing. This collection of humorous quotes is sure to help make you laugh.It is said that laughter is the best medicine, so when you are feeling low and want a little something to lift your spirits, read these hilarious quotes. This compilation of hilarious quotes and other one-liners is sure to bring a smile on your face, and work as a great stress buster.Life is like a game of poker: If you don't put any in the pot, there won't be any to take out. Moms MableyWhen we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained. Mark Twain I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally. W. C. Fields Life is not so bad if you have plenty of luck, a good physique and not too much imagination. Christopher IsherwoodAfter one look at this planet any visitor from outer space would say "I WANT TO SEE THE MANAGER.". William S. BurroughsAll the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed. Sean O'CaseyIt's always darkest before the dawn. So if you're going to steal your neighbor's newspaper, that's the time to do it. Anonymous Tell a man there are 300 billion stars in the universe and he'll believe you. Tell him a bench has wet paint on it and he'll have to touch it to be sure. Murphy's Law Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former. Albert Einstein I have never taken any exercise except sleeping and resting. Mark Twain Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else. Will Rogers When everything is coming your way, you're in the wrong lane. Steven WrightLife is like an onion. Why is life like an onion? Because you peel away layer after layer and when you come to the end you have nothing. Anonymous Life... is like a grapefruit. It's orange and squishy, and has a few pips in it, and some folks have half a one for breakfast. Douglas AdamsLife doesn't imitate art, it imitates bad television. Woody AllenThe hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy. Helen HayesThe more I see of men, the more I admire dogs. Jeanne-Marie RolandWhy do men like intelligent women? Because opposites attract. Kathy LetteIf you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman. Margaret ThatcherYou see a lot of smart guys with dumb women, but you hardly ever see a smart woman with a dumb guy. Erica JongBehind every successful man, there is a surprised woman. Maryon PearsonNever trust a husband too far, nor a bachelor too near. Helen RowlandMen think monogamy is something you make dining tables out of. Kathy LetteMy mom said the only reason men are alive is for lawn care and vehicle maintenance. Tim AllenThe only time a woman really succeeds in changing a man is when he's a baby. Natalie WoodWhen a man of 40 falls in love with a girl of 20, it isn't her youth he is seeking but his own Lenore Coffee A successful man is one who makes more money than his wife can spend. A successful woman is one who can find such a man. Lana Turner Men are liars. We lie about lying if we have to. Jay LenoMen are a luxury, not a necessity CherAs long as you know most men are like children, you know everything. Coco ChannelMen are beasts, and even beasts don't behave as they do. Bridget BardotWell, then inform Mr. Levin that he'll be better off watching the fight in front of his television at home... Surely he must have HBO. Ocean's 11There's no reason to become alarmed, and we hope you'll enjoy the rest of your flight. By the way, is there anyone on board who knows how to fly a plane? Airplane Don't say we aren't right for each other, the way i see it is.. we aren't right for anyone else The Cutting EdgeLadies and gentlemen, I can envision a day when the brains of brilliant men can be kept alive in the bodies of dumb people! The Man with Two Brains Yeah I called her up, she gave me a bunch of crap about me not listening to her, or something, I don't know, I wasn't really paying attention Dumb and Dumber Good morning! And in case I don't see you: good afternoon, good evening and good night. The Truman Show The key here, I think, is to not think of death as an end. But, but, think of it more as a very effective way of cutting down on your expenses. Love and Death I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way Who Framed Roger RabbitAll I'm saying is that somewhere out there is the man you are supposed to marry. And if you don't get him first, somebody else will, and you'll have to spend the rest of your life knowing that somebody else is married to your husband. When Harry Met Sally
8 Best Ideas for Custom-Made Dining Tables Perfect for Mumbai Homes
From small to nano and micro, homes in Mumbai are keeping in sync with the demand for housing in a space-starved metropolitan. The Island City is home to about 2 crore people and lakhs of people keep adding on every year. Moreover, instead of paying too much rent, it might be worth investing in small homes by opting for loans and paying an EMI. To keep up with this trend of small homes, we have come up with the ultimate ideas to furnish your home economically. No need to fret, less is more and it provides a rare opportunity to come up with creative home furniture ideas. Whether you have a separate dining room or just a little corner in your kitchen or living area, these innovative ideas are sure to make your family mealtimes special. A store-bought dining table can be too restrictive and just wo not do. Especially with open-concept spaces in vogue these days, you will need a custom-made dining table with unique designs and sizes to blend in with your interiors. Here are some unique, smart and trendy custom made dining table ideas to get you started:• You May Also Want to KnowHow much are dining tables at the Pottery BarnDining tables on Pottery Barn range around $500-$2,000. You can buy any kinds of dining tables on Pottery Barn like extending dining tables for families or large gatherings and even small dining tables for couples or small families.Why do Iranians still eat on the floor? What percentage of people can afford dining tables?It depends.It is not about being able to buy a table or not. Actually it is about the culture.In Tehran and some other major cities people have gradually adopted dining tables. For example, all of my friends and family members use them and I live in Tehran. Here are some Iranian dining tables:But there is still what we call Sofreh. Actually I like them more than dining tables. Sofreh means tablecloth in Persian.I hope that helps!Why do most dining tables have six chairs?A large number of dining tables have 6 chairs because the most common length for a dining table is 60 inches.Chair seats (without arms) are typically 21″ - 24″ in width.Two chairs fit comfortably on each side of a 60 inch long table, with one additional chair at each end. The three most common sizes for dining tables are 42″ (round), 36″ x 60″ and 36″ x 72″.The 42″ tables get 4 chairs.60″ tables are too long for only one chair on each side and not long enough for three.72″ tables can have three chairs on each side plus one chair on each end, but most people buy only 6 chairs. Why do most dining tables have six chairs?Buy Dinette combination of solid wood tables and chairs hotel coffee restaurant dining tables and chairs small apartment minimalist scandinavian style in Cheap Price on structure:Support structure The application of space:Restaurant Details of the installation instructions:Provide installation instructions Packaging volume:3.5 Type:T77 Style:The nordic Color classification:140cm of solid wood dining tables and chairs [table chair] / 120cm of solid wood dining tables and chairs [table chair] / 160cm of solid wood dining tables and chairs [table chair] Whether taxi can transport:Whether or not Design elements:Mortise and tenon / Wood / Master design Origin:Guangdong province A combination:Table and four chairs / Table and six chairs City services:City sellers home installation 17 sdr:180 Whether it can be customized:Is the Whether it can sale:Is the Style positioning:Art style typeWho makes steel dining tables or countertopsTrica, Home Styles, and Dinette all sell steel dining tables or countertops. If you are unsure of what brand to buy, you should visit a store like. Home Depot. or Living Spaces to compare multiple brands and prices and to talk to associates knowledgeable in each brand.. .Thomas Net makes steel dining tables or countertops. Vollrath and Amsterdam Counter also make makes steel dining tables or countertopsWhere can you buy glass top dining tables fromGlass top dining tables can be purchased at many retailers, both online and in store. Examples include. John Lewis., Marks & Spencer, Argos and Frances Hunt. Second-hand options for glass top dining tables include eBay and Gumtree.What are some beautiful dining tables?The dining table is one of the most important pieces of furniture for homeowners. Indeed the dining table acts as the conference table where family members and guests come together to feast and chat. Hence, here is a list of some interesting and unique dining set ideas which are going to make your dining space look amazing. Marble Dining SetsThe material used to manufacture the dining table makes it very robust and gives your dining space an ethereal look. Usually, the marble used in the dining sets is of grey or black color, and hence, you can pair up white chairs with it.Glass Table Dining SetsPlacing glass dining tables are the perfect way to enhance the entire look of the place. Dark Wood Dining SetsTraditional Wooden dining set are the best choice for you if you are planning to deck up your kitchen space. Make sure you choose the high-quality wooden tables which have increased shelf-life. They look very artistic and will make your dining space look vintage. What are some beautiful dining tables?.18 compact dining tables for small spacesTired of eating from the sofa? We are not all lucky when it comes to dining space in the home, so clever ideas are needed, namely space-saving small dining tables. Upgrade and invest in a compact dining table that will fit the tightest of spaces and is super stylish to boot, too. The key is to look for multifunctional designs with leaves that fold down or double as a console table, for example. Or one that offers storage, can completely fold away when not in use, or can be used as a work desk during the day. You can also look for narrow dining tables that can be easily slotted against the wall, or bench style tables where the benches can fit underneath. Alternatively, if you entertain regularly then opt for an extendable dining table; one that folds away neatly yet can be pulled out and seat up to six people easily. The shape is important, square and slender rectangular designs will fit into corners, yet round tables can visually free up floor space if they are built with legs that are cleverly placed so your chairs can tuck in neatly. And finally, when buying a dining table, make sure you measure your space beforehand to get the width right.8 best extendable dining tables: Make the most of small spacesThere's everyday dining, and then there's big family occasions (current rule of six notwithstanding) that require some extra elbow room. The best extendable dining tables have the ability to accommodate both in equal measure - without compromising on style. When choosing a table that transforms, the most important factor to consider is space: measure up properly to ensure your furniture piece sits well in both configurations, allowing for a pair of dining chairs at either end of your table at its fullest extension. As a general rule, extending dining tables fall into two camps: those with concealed extra pieces - or leaves - that sit within the structure of the table itself; and those with leaves that have to be stored separately. If you are going for the latter, it's worth thinking about the storage space you have available and keeping these extra bits easily accessible. Think too about functionality and how often you intend to lengthen your dining table. Some of the furniture pieces we tested were wonderfully robust and weighty, but the flip side of this is they tended to be so heavy that extending them was a two-person job. That said, we found some tables with seriously shrewd modern mechanisms that enabled us to go from a four to an eight-seater in one fell swoop. We put our top tables to the test, looking for quality of craftsmanship, great design, affordability and a user-friendly means to extend. You can trust our independent reviews. We may earn commission from some of the retailers, but we never allow this to influence selections, which are formed from real-world testing and expert advice. This revenue helps to fund journalism across The Independent. The John Lewis & Partners Calia extending dining table won us over for its chic, industrial styling. This is a contemporary statement furniture piece with a big impact. With its considered symmetry, it works successfully on the design front in both of its configurations. We were also impressed with the Deauville extending dining table for its mid-century-inspired design and the high-quality build that makes it look and feel much more expensive than it is. To create a beautiful dinner setting read our expert guide to tablescaping IndyBest product reviews are unbiased, independent advice you can trust. On some occasions, we earn revenue if you click the links and buy the products, but we never allow this to bias our coverage. The reviews are compiled through a mix of expert opinion and real-world testing.What retail stores sell dining tablesMany retail stores sell dining tables. These include chain stores like Target, Ikea, and Crate and Barrel. Dining tables can also be found a flea markets or antique stores. Specialty stores such as Ashley Furniture or West Elm also care a variety of dining tables.Gather round: 7 gorgeous new dining tablesAt the tail end of 2020, the simple act of gathering safely around a dining table with loved ones feels like a gift. With that spirit in mind, BOH rounded up seven gorgeous new dining tables. With its classic shape and the option of three tabletop options and four base finishes, this dining table from MGBW is flexible enough to work in any space. Its simplicity also means this table can easily be paired with a bolder dining chair for maximum flair. This highly customizable dining table from new brand Inside Weather is akin to a choose-your-own-adventure novel. Start with your shape, then browse among 180 surface finish options, then pick the base. The possibilities are endless! This piece from Selamat's collaboration with textile house Morris & Co. is named after the country estate of that company's legendary founder, William Morris. With that rich source of inspiration, the resulting piece is a sophisticated take on the humble farmhouse table. This Regency-style beauty was first made by Victoria & Son for Edward Perrault, a former president of the American Society of Interior Designers. The graceful table was based on a small antique side table. Dôme Deco - Thundernight Brillant Ceramics Round Dining Table This moody table from Dôme Deco is perfect for an intimate gathering in a chic, modern space. The gleaming ceramic top, set atop a jet black base, is just calling for the glimmer of candlelight. The soft gray marble top and country-style wooden base of this Made Goods table offer a fresh spin on the popular modern farmhouse look. The contrasting materials mean the table can go casual or formal depending on the choice of chairs. Caracole - Wish You Were Here Table Could there be a more apt name for a dining table in 2020? This beautiful piece from Caracole is topped with a sleek slab of gray sandstone and features a geometric gold base, which together create a glamorous moment. Products featured in this article have been sourced from BOH's Collections vertical, a showcase of the latest debuts from some of the industry's leading brands.Best dining tables for family time and feasting, in large and small sizesWhether you are catching up with friends over a stollen bite and mulled wine, brainstorming your present-buying plan of attack, or delighting hungry hoards with a Christmas lunch, a versatile kitchen or dining table is a key piece of furniture. Today's designs come in every shape, size and material imaginable, from 'keeping it real' exposed wood with gloriously grainy stories to tell, to sleek and shiny contemporary models featuring intriguing patina finishes and mixed material combinations. Take your pick from our fabulously festive round-up of best dining tables. These stylishly practical designs will suit all needs and spaces. Top tip: Look out for lightly sealed finishes to prevent staining - a must in busy family homes! Give your space a modern country look with a rich and dramatic dimension. Featuring crisp edges, a tactile but sleek finish and a gorgeously charred natural colour, this extendable design feels equally at home in a rustic farmhouse or contemporary barn conversion. With origins in 16th-century England, this heritage design has been given a Gustavian twist, with minimal turned legs and a delectable smoky painted finish. Dual drop ends supported by pivoting legs can be collapsed or kept upright to suit all occasions and dining spaces. Made from beautiful pine for a timeless, rustic look, this chunky favourite provides space for much more than dining - use it instead of an island for kitchen prep, or as a spacious craft table. Lovingly named after the 18-mile pebble beach off the Dorset coast, it's minimal, pared-back design gracefully combines steel and oak in harmonized balance, finished off with tactile, rounded edges to reflect the beach's shelving form... Wine and dine in sophisticated style upon this smart combination of top-notch solid oak and steel X-legs. A wonderful addition for stylish kitchens or dining areas, you can choose your preferred powder-coated or raw finish legs and coloured oak top finish. Buy now: Xavier oak dining table on Raw Steel legs, from £1,790, Rust Collections A solid oak top and refectory style legs pays homage to the Arts and Crafts movement on this sturdy home hero. As part of the Designed by You range, you can create the perfect fit for your space. Buy now: Lisbon dining table in Oiled Walnut, from £2,849, Heal's Social circles go around and around! Avoiding any trace of bump-into edge, this classic beauty takes inspiration from 18th and 19th century craftsmen, resulting in a timelessly elegant piece that comfortably seats four to six nearest and dearest in triumphant fashion. 7. The Farmhouse Table Company Prime in Letterbox Red - best dining table for custom colour Standing proud as a robin and bright as Rudolph's nose, this robust statement has been finished with a hard wax oil preventing the need for coasters - definitely one to be welcomed and loved by any busy family home over the Christmas period! Buy now: Prime oak dining table in Letterbox Red, from £1150, The Farmhouse Table Company This petite pedestal pretty features a natural weathered finish, meaning that each piece is gloriously unique. Ideal for compact spaces, the single leg design is bang on trend for savvy, city-to-country fashionistas. Which of these designs do you see yourself sitting at this Christmas?
Repairing a Dining Table
Dining tables will surely add a touch of classiness and elegance in your dining room. It is always advisable therefore to maintain an optimal temperature in your dining room, especially when using oak... Dining tables will surely add a touch of classiness and elegance in your dining room. It is always advisable therefore to maintain an optimal temperature in your dining room, especially when using oak dining tables or pine dining tables because they are as a result of natural products hence can be affected by fluctuation of temperatures. Nonetheless, maybe you have stayed with your dining table for quite a long time and wish to give it a facelift, or it has been affected and wishes to repair it. Conversely, you may wish to start using a secondhand dining table and fix it to make it look brand new. The following are simple and easy to follow and will ensure your dining tables look as good as new. First of all, assemble all the handy tools required in fixing dining tables such as gloves, scraper, chemical varnish remover, paintbrush, clear or stain varnish, a tape measure and screwdrivers. Firstly, you need to tighten any loose screws (using the screwdriver) found on the bottom of the dining table to make it strong. Next put on your rubber gloves and start stripping finish off the table to help fix blemishes and scratches. You are then ready to apply the chemical varnish remover evenly using a paintbrush. Remember you have to repair the dining table in a well lit and ventilated room. The third step while fixing dining tables is to take the scraper and sparingly remove the old varnish. You can then take a break for several hours, leaving the table to aerate and dry. Next take the medium-grade sandpaper and sand the table sparingly and evenly. The last step is to add coat of clear varnish or stain to cover the area and to make your dining table look nothing but new. There is another common problem that faces a lot of dining tables that need fixing immediately lest it gets worse. Parts of the dining table apron tend to split easily. Incase this happens; it is advisable that you take away the entire apron from the top of the table, using cleats and screws to attach it and using wood glue to attach the edge of the split apron, then clamping it firmly. You can use a large spring clamp or several c-clamps; the aim is to hold the split apron firmly. Wipe excess glue using a damp cloth and leave your dining table overnight so that the glue can dry and consequently re-attach back the apron to the table top. Investing in an oak dining table is a huge investment that requires great care because fixing dining tables made of oak can be very expensive. On the other hand, pine dining tables are beautiful and delicate and equally require proper care and devoting some time for its maintenance. One of the best ways to avoid repairs on these dining tables is to buy a table pad. Compared to the amount you will have saved , this is a small price to pay which has numerous benefits.
This Holland Park Home Has Views of the City, Story Bridge and Mt Coot-tha
48 Newbolt St, Holland Park.Source:Supplied48 Newbolt St, Holland ParkFOCUSED ON comfort, this exquisite property is the perfect place to call home. Be amazed by the grand design, which encompasses Silver Silkwood floors, skylighted ceilings and views of the city, Story Bridge and Mt Coot-tha.A Purpleheart timber staircase with dramatic void overhead leads up to the first floor. The glamorous open-plan living and dining room immediately invites with its refreshing size.It connects seamlessly with the modern kitchen, which boasts granite benchtops, a walk-in pantry, stainless steel appliances and ample cabinet space.Sliding glass doors open up the inside to the spacious rear deck made from Purpleheart timber. Ceiling fans and a scenic outlook over Brisbane's suburban sprawl provide year-round comfort and serenity.48 Newbolt St, Holland Park.Source:SuppliedThe deck runs down the house's length, connecting with the four upstairs bedrooms through more sliding glass doors.Three of these bedrooms come with built-in wardrobes and share a modern bathroom along with an extra powder room. Open, well-lit study areas sit directly outside.The main bedroom offers a delightful sanctuary separated from the rest of the house with its own staircase. Parents can enjoy a large walk-in wardrobe along with an ensuite with a spa bath and double vanity.The downstairs patio and timber decks embrace outdoor living with enough space for dining tables, loungers and a barbecue. They are met by a 15m pool and a 25m lap pool. Outdoor enthusiasts will also enjoy the fully-fenced extensive backyard with children's fort and vegetable garden, along with the nearby bushwalking trails.48 Newbolt St, Holland Park.Source:SuppliedInside, the ground floor has more entertaining space with its versatile media room, which features a kitchenette and adjoining bathroom.Two more bedrooms are nearby, including a guest retreat with its own lounge room, ensuite and kitchenette. The three-car garage includes a roomy shed with workbench, television and bike racks.48 Newbolt St, Holland Park.Source:Supplied"This pet-friendly home is thoughtfully designed for a growing family and comes with all the conveniences a busy family requires," agent Simon Caulfield said. BSInspections: November 12, 11-11.30amFor sale: By expressions of interest closing November 17, 4pmAgent: Simon Caulfield, Place Kangaroo PointTel: 133 911, 0437 935 912
Dining Tables for Your Home
Dining tables come in as many varieties as there are people to choose them.First, consider the room where you are planning on placing the table, since this can affect the style you choose. Second, consider how you are going to use it to be sure you get one that can stand up to the use you need.If it is to be placed into a dedicated room, many choose to go for a formal dining table. These are usually large tables that can seat 6 or more. They are more ornate in style and are heavier then other types of tables. They can be glass topped, but you will most often see wooden tables. Tables can have carved, pedestal, or wrought iron legs and have carved feet. These types can be replicas of tables from hundreds of years ago, or be in a contemporary style. Finishes on these are usually darker, although there are light options available. Casual dining tables are also another choice if you have a separate room or it will be part of the kitchen. The can be round or square. These tables feature simple legs in wood or metal. The finish on these can be painted or coated in veneer to extend the longevity of these tables. They are expected to be used on a daily basis, and the construction of these is typically sturdy. Tables of this kind are made in a light coloured wood or other material and can be in a classic to country style.Tables for just the kitchen are somewhat smaller then the previous ones. These are the most varied in style and can be made of any material. Wood is a dominant choice of these tables, but you can also find them in plastic, metal and glass. Some will feature sides that will drop down, and these can seat two to four people. The styles also can be highly personalized. You can find retro reproductions to mimic a 50s diner, caf? tables and some that are rustic looking. Breakfast nooks are very space saving. Intended to be placed into the corner of the kitchen, these have bench style seating. These are picnic style tables, and usually are wooden, but retro metal and plastic styles are common. These have either a single stand to support the table, or will have 2 legs with a brace.Counter height dining tables are a recent addition to dining tables in homes, and these are tall tables. They do need special chairs to go with them, and can be as formal, or casual, as you like. Tables can be of any shape and in any material. They can have legs of any previous style. Colouring of these types are varied, although dark woods are most widespread.Dining tables can be fun and a way to express your own taste and individuality within your home. You are not limited in material, look or comfort and will be able to have a table that is perfect for your home.
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