Acquire LED Lights Youre Finest Different for a Power Source

We all recognize the reality that there are a lot of benefits of having actually Buy led profile lights wholesale. Among the greatest benefits is that you will certainly be able to conserve power on earth. This is because of the truth that the light left out from LED bulbs is much safer than the light from conventional bulbs. This is because of the truth that these bulbs become really hot when they are used for long period of time. In some cases, they can also catch fire. On the other hand, you can make use of LED bulbs for as much time as you want as well as they will certainly be quite efficient.LED lights are extra effective that clear lights as well as is available in various colors. First LED lights were designed for Xmas purpose; nevertheless, with the passage of time, they were offered for residence of office usages also. These lights were the result of layout, research as well as technology and nowadays, they have been made use of for different objectives. Because of the benefits of these lights, they have been begun to be made use of in traffic signals, Flashlights, toy lights as well as many more. One of the most incredible facts is that they are fairly eco-friendly.Because of these factors the lights can additionally be used for street lighting and industrial usage. In instance, you intend to get more details; you can log onto the web. There are a great deal of websites supplying the info about the styles, layouts and kinds of Led lights. You can select as per your needs and also selection. These lights are made by keeping in mind the requirements such as the watts and also places where you are going to use these lights. Among the most effective ways to pick the ideal sort of lights is to get specialist assistance.There is a great deal of points to be thought about before acquiring these Led higway street light online supplier and also among the main problems is that expense. You should know the fact that the first expense of these light bulbs might be greater than those of typical light bulbs; nevertheless, you will certainly be able to understand that the life of these bulbs is even more than that of the transparent light bulbs and you will not need to alter these bulbs for a long period of time. It is suggested to contrast the bulbs in order to pick the best one and also you will certainly be able to get optimal benefits. To find out more on these lights, see them on-line.Led street light supplier has remained in usage in the premium business market for some years currently, however current advances in modern technology have actually made it possible for manufacturers to make even more effective LED light bulbs at lower costs after that before. It's no longer simply fancy shop hotels, designer tag stores and unique art galleries that illuminate their spaces with LEDs — numerous other businesses, as well as even property owners, are now additionally switching over to LED light bulbs.The most up to date LED light bulbs come in a variety of shapes from globes as well as limelights to corncobs and light sabers, many of them providing a fashionable, space-age look that can develop part of a distinctive decoration. As with conventional incandescent light bulbs and the preferred compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), there are also a number of different wattages readily available. All in all, these modern light bulbs are incredibly personalized, making them specifically valuable for organisations of all kinds

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Nice Toes, Bro. Young Men Invade Nail Salons
When Sonia E. Wilson went to get a pedicure on the Fourth of July, she did not expect to wait at her neighborhood salon, figuring most women had rushed to get their nails done before the holiday.Women were not the problem. The Brooklyn, N.Y., salon was packed with men.Ms. Wilson learned she was fourth in line after three men-all having pedicures. "I do not mind men stepping up their grooming," said Ms. Wilson, a development officer at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn. "But I can not say I was happy to wait close to an hour while three of them were ahead of me. I gave them the side-eye."Men are crowding nail salons this summer, spurred by shifting attitudes about their grooming as well as the popularity of sandals from Gucci, Valentino, Rick Owens and other luxury brands. Macho entertainers and sports stars including LeBron James have posted videos of themselves getting pedicures, reassuring the average guy that it is OK to step into a salon and pamper their toes.Marie Nails, with locations in New York, Los Angeles and Honolulu, noticed more men coming in for pedicures. "We have regulars, and they refer, so we [have gotten] more this year," said May Ogawa, director of the chain's U.S. office.Does anyone know in what year were these sandals popular?About 10 years ago, and I am not so crazy about them either since they are so thick, and high in inchesHow do you clean "Old Navy" flip-flops (sandals, thongs)?i use laundry soap and clean them with a old tooth brushI've heard that India guys are attracted to the feet; do girls in India ever wear sandals?I think u should not spread such things for us INDIANS we have values & who told u that They attract towards Feet They attract toward women . But i dont wanna say anythin about USA men Ok !!!Have u ever left your home totally barefoot? without wearing sandals or even taking any shoes&socks with you?yes I have walked around my block barefoot beforeWhat do you think about these sandals with jeans?I think those would look cuter with a long hippie skirtDo you look at people's feet when someone is barefoot or wearing sandals? What do you think people's feet sayI always do that and I can not stand it when they have ugly feet cover those things upWhy do men wear socks with sandals?'Cause the ladies love me in Toe Socks & sandalsShould I wear flats or sandals to prom?Kitten heels are extremely beautiful and not so heel-y !! They are usually half to inch heel.if you want to elongate your legs then go with nude ballet flats or nude kitten heels, but if you want to match your dress with your shoes then you can do that too!Can I 'paint' my silver man-made material strappy sandals purple? I need them for a wedding. Don't have $$Purple Strappy Sandalshelp me with my new Adidas sandals!?I used to have these and I had the same problem. Your feet will become callused and this will help with the pain from the bumpies!If you see someone barefoot or wearing sandals or flip-flops,do you look at their toes?I guess, it's all there, I really can not avoid itWould Jesus own more than one pair of sandals, or stockpile food in a pantry, when others go barefoot & hungry?8 mins and still no answers from the christians ?How can I make it so my ankle wrap sandals stop unwrapping while just walking around?tie a double knot... take the bows and tie them in a single knotIs wearing sandals or flats for a woman haram....?No wearing sandale is Not haram,How do I deodorize my favorite sandals?I have the same problem with all my flats, your right, its not that your dirty or something, its just that your feet are sweating and your not wearing socks because that would look ridiculous. What I use is baby powder, this will help to keep your feet dry and less sweat means less smell, but sometimes it dosent work sometimes it does.. Im guessing it depends on the fabric and how set in the smell is.
I Didn't Like Alec Baldwin's Message to His Child but Am I the Only One That still Like Him. I Think
I didn't like Alec Baldwin's message to his child but am I the only one that still like him. I think he's soSometimes when you like a celebrity so much you make them seem like this shining example of a person. This tape just proves that he is not the type of person that people think he is. For God's sake, he called his 12 year old child terrible names and screamed at her over voicemail for a good 2 minutes over a phone call of all things! No, Kim should not have leaked the tape, but at least now Alec can not "handle this himself" like he said he was going to. You never know how people really are in Hollywood. For all we know, Alec could have been physically abusive to that child for years and that may have been Kims motive for leaking the tape— — — — — —Is it normal for a father to tell his child that he bought everything he got and destroying (throwing books, cutting the internet) things?No, and actually in most countries this kind of behaviour would be seen as illegal.The father may have paid for everything the child owns, however the child does own those items. The ownership of the item was transferred when it was gifted to the child. As such the father abusing or destroying the items is criminal destruction of property with possible psychological abuse, neglect, and physical intimidation/threat angles in play too— — — — — —His child walked in on the mother with other man? what do we do to help?It is extremely hard to prove 'unfit mother' in the eyes of the court. As far as the little girl, it would do her good to talk about it with someone, get perspective on it and not cause her to have 'issues' later. It would also be documented by the 'counselor' if it was ever needed in court. One incident does not do much but if there is a record of continous bad behavior and you can show whats going on it might work in your favor. Include anything that would show her in a bad light and if others witness it get them to put it in writing. Wish you luck.— — — — — —Help I dont think I could stay with my BF because of his childs mother?the problem is you do not trust him. Which means he's probably given you reason to not trust him and that's reason enough to end the relationship. If you trusted him then she could claim to sleep with him from now until doomsday and you would not believe her because you would know that he is not that kind of guy. That you DON'T know that he would not cheat on you with anyone, let alone her says that there are problems in your relationship that have nothing to do with her. She's just your distraction so you do not have to focus on those problems. FWIW: I've always been of the opinion that a guy would have to be pretty special to be worth suffering a psycho ex and psycho exes are a good reason to not proceed w/ a relationship because when there are children involved the exes never go away. But she does not even sound psycho--she's just predatory. Instead of allowing her to distract you: focus on your trust issue w/him. If you have reason to trust him and she's just shaken you up then ignore her and tend to your relationship. If you have reason to NOT trust him then end the relationship and find someone worthy of you.— — — — — —I'm 18 and pregnant and everybody has left me?Is there a school counselor or a social worker you can talk to about getting help? At least until your baby is born? I am sure somewhere like The Salvation Army or another donation place would be more than willing to help out with you and your child. You say now that the father is denying that it is his child. See if he will agree to a paternity test once the child is born. If DNA proves that the child IS his, he will have no choice but to help you out with the child. I am sorry about your situation. Find as much help as you possibly can.
Ideas for Creating an Attractive Foyer Area with Console Tables
Designing a beautiful home is an exciting task that involves drawing inspiration from various sources and implementing them into your home décor. You can create a lasting impression if your home has a tasteful design that appeals to your visitors. The hallway, or the foyer, is usually the first space that one will experience when entering a home. Having an attractively-accessorized console table can create a great visual impact in the foyer area. Here is a look at how well-decorated console tables can make your space look inviting and stylish. A well-chosen console table can be a very versatile accessory. Whether you use it in the foyer or in the living room, even a minimalist design can make a style statement. Consider the style of your home before making a choice. Choose from artistically-designed and flawlessly-finished console tables that complement the other furniture in the room. After you have chosen the table, think about ways to decorate it. You can opt for a minimalist look by placing just a few well-chosen accessories on the table. For a more decorative effect, add beautiful vases or candles of varying sizes and colors for a unique look. Place a large mirror above the console table and stack some of your favorite collection of books on it or let it reflect a stunning painting hung on the opposite wall. Create a symmetrical display with two oversized hurricane lanterns on either side or have a stunning lamp on one side and balance the other with a tabletop plant or a bowl filled with shells for an unusual asymmetric look.Table lamps can work wonders in adding to the aesthetics of your space. No matter where you place your table lamp, it can definitely create a warm ambiance and illuminate the area. Pay attention to the base as well as the shade of the lamp before making a choice. The base of the lamp should be strong enough to support the entire lamp. With a wide array of shades available today, you can choose a shade the complements the kind of look you want to achieve in your home. Choose from striking table lamps made of glass or steel featuring clean lines to accessorize a sleek, contemporary setting.
Is Gold Jewelry More Fashionable Than Silver Jewelry?
Nowadays, you don't have to be a fashionista to know how important it is to accessorize any outfit. Today's street wear tends to be simpler and more comfortable than before, but you must add a little silver or gold glitz to your faded jeans if you want to be a stunning appearance.Needless to say that accessories are a must-have if you want to be glam. Therefore, the ladies who choose the little black dress to go to a party can embellish their outfits with a gold belt, a silver necklace, a pair of gold earrings or a nice gold pendant. These are items that any woman should have in her jewelry box.If silver is mostly chosen by young girls, being associated with daywear, gold clothing and accessories are on top of the list when it comes to vintage fashion and evening gowns. Vintage fans can now invest in beautiful unique gold jewelry pieces which once belonged to great grandmothers, available on internet or in specialized shops. Nevertheless, it is a matter of personal style if you choose to wear gold or silver in order to sparkle. You can also choose both, if you love to wear gold and silver bangle bracelets for example.Although according to ancient traditions a wedding ring should be simple, without any fancy features, as it stands as a symbol of commitment, nowadays this principle does not apply any more. More and more married or engaged couples want their gold wedding rings to have intricate models, with diamonds and other gemstones.More importantly, we shouldn't ignore that buying gold is not only a women's caprice. It is sometimes advisable for men too. Everybody knows women love successful and stylish men. A gold bracelet will be an investment in terms of price and image. A businessman's appearance says a lot about his business; therefore it is of utmost importance to look well when closing a deal or presenting an offer to a potential partner.As we are facing economical recession, we should also consider buying gold as a good investment for the future. Gold will always be both long-lasting and very good-looking, so perhaps men will be more interested in buying gold pieces as a sign of gratitude towards their spouses, also feeling that they made a very good investment.
How Can I Get a History of IPs That Logged in Using My Yahoo! Messenger Account?
yahoo messenger does not display an IP of the computer being used to log in with a person's account. you can only trace an IP of the person you are talking if you know how to use the commands to trace the IP of the other party you are having conversation. your own IP can be seen inside your own computer also.1. Choosing from two IPs on a single machineI know of no browsers that allow the user to select an interface to bind to, although there might be. Most browsers let the operating system decide. The OS then consults the routing table, which you can configure to associate destination IPs with a particular interface. However, it seems like you want to use different interfaces for the same destination, for which the routing table does not suffice.Third party software may do the trick though. I've found ForceBindIP to be an invaluable networking tool. It does exactly what it says on the tin: forcing programs to bind to a specific interface, allowing control over which source IP to use per process rather than per destination, even when the program itself does not have this feature.As an example, I tried connecting to a web server 'Neon' using a machine with two IP addresses, and The first time, it used the former by default. Afterwards, I launched the browser using forcebindip.exe firefox.exe and visited the same page. The access log below confirms both requests originated from different addresses:2. How do I remove my eyeglasses (-4.00 in both eyes) for joining the army, CDS, NDA, air force, navy, and the IPS?Visit any top Opthalmologist in any major city and they can advise safe surgery to carve a portion of the cornea depending on it's thickness and you could get the complete number removed or come to within specific limits that is allowed by the armed forces. All this depends on corneal thickness which only a surgeon can check and inform you.There is a grey area about allowing candidates with this surgery entry into the armed forces as it's a relatively new procedure. You may have to lie about this- when filling your medical formSo be aware of what paperwork lies ahead before getting into the surgery.How do I remove my eyeglasses (-4.00 in both eyes) for joining the army, CDS, NDA, air force, navy, and the IPS?3. Why Windows 10 Blocks some LAN IPs (192.168..)?I found the issue. it was my VPN app making my laptop from my lan as (invisible feature)4. Lots of 408 Request Timed Out from same IPsI cause these sometimes when using my phone on the train. I go through a low-signal area or a tunnel at just the right time (in between the TCP handshake and the request being sent) and that's what happens.Phone carriers often put all their customers behind NAT so lots of users can come from a small number of IP addresses. Do some more analysis:Depending on the answers to those questions, it might be benign or it might be deliberately malicious. Either way, lowering the timeout might be a good idea. Even on a phone, no one waits for 60 seconds before making the request again.5. Fail2Ban not banning IPs with different portsIt is quite possible that the sshd.filter does not match the lines you have. The filter I have installed would not match those lines. There is a fail2ban-regex utility that can be used to test your regex. A multi-line string in the regex contains multiple regexes, one per line. A regex like the following may match better. I think the existing regex is not finding enough data.When testing you may have to define things like __prefix_line in the test script. Then try matching some records extracted from your log file6. Meaning of SSH command with 2 IPsAs many of the comments suggest, this syntax wo not work7. Blocked because of IPS attackYour computer is probably infected with malware which is being detected by an IPS. You should scan your computer for malware and viruses8. GET request with different IPsRunning as root with raw sockets will let you set whatever IP address you wish on your outgoing packets. Tools like hping3 include this functionality. You could write the binary GET request and feed it as an option to hping3, then specify the source address (or even --rand-source). That wo not get you all the way, though. Since we are talking about completing the full TCP connection, you will need to take those lessons of raw sockets and write them into your own application (or find one that does this already). To be functional, your source machine's network card will need to be listening in promiscuous mode. You will also need to have your target's (the webserver) network route pumping all traffic directly to the network. The easiest way to to do that would be to make your source machine the default gateway.Sockstress is one tool that sounds like it might fit the bill, but I am not familiar with it
The History of Wedding Rings Dating Back 5,000 Years
The history of wedding rings dates almost 5000 years. During ancient Egypt times, people would weave leather or wood and exchange them as "rings of love." The ring itself, being round with no end, was a powerful symbol of eternity. Now known as a wedding band, its opening represented a gateway to unknown worlds, which is something newlyweds face after marriage. Here's the history of wedding rings all the way up to today.Wedding rings history — Signet Wedding RingsRomans and Greeks used signet rings as a way to flaunt their own personal signatures on jewelry. Also called a "fede" ring, it features two clasping hands in agreement or love.These rings are believed to be the inspiration behind some of the earliest engagement rings in Rome. Other cultures were exchanging rings as symbols of love. But, according to history, the Romans are the ones who linked the signet ring directly to marriage.Lovers Heads Wedding RingsIn time, the Romans started customizing wedding rings with their own personal touches. Lovers heads rings featured carvings of the faces of the couples themselves. Some were carved with the full figures of the bride and groom.Once the Empire proclaimed Christianity its official religion, things switched up a bit. The carvings started to feature the couple with a cross or Jesus behind them blessing their unity. READ Wedding Traditions: The History of Wedding JewelryFede Wedding RingsThese wedding rings held their popular ground for more than a thousand years in Europe. They eventually evolved into styles featured interlocking bands and ornate patterns.Today, the Irish still wear a style of this wedding band called a Claddagh ring. It features two hands coming together to hold a heart with a crown. The Claddagh ring was first created about 13 centuries after Rome introduced the original fede rings.Posy Wedding RingsWhat is a posy? Also known as a posie, it's a short verse engraved on a ring, often a poem. Posy rings first became common during the 15th century. It all began with bold designs featuring words engraved outside the wedding band.The designs of the posy rings evolved into simpler ones. However, the engraved words became more and more personal. This caused goldsmiths, ring makers, and jewelers to learn how to engrave inscriptions on the inside of the wedding rings. They believed this kept the message close to the person wearing it while keeping them private. Gimmel Wedding RingsLet's move on with the history of wedding rings. This puzzle-style wedding ring first gained its popularity during the 15th century. The simpler posy rings became, the more complex and intricate goldsmithing techniques became when creating gimmel rings. They feature 2-3 interlocking bands. Gimmel rings are very symbolic, as each individual band is free on its own, yet they interlock together to create one whole, like joining two together in matrimony. During their engagement, both the bride and the groom would wear engagement bands up until they take their vows. Then, the two rings would be joined together, to symbolize their joining together to create one union. Jewish Marriage RingsWearing a wedding band with an unbroken circle made in solid silver or gold is a long-standing Jewish tradition. It symbolizes everlasting marriage. Bands with no details or stones are symbolic of a strong marriage that is free from complications and distractions.These Jewish wedding rings date back to at least the 10th century. And, they continued to remain popular until the 19th century. By then, they would become intricate designs with enamel and lattice.READ Wedding Traditions: The History of Wedding JewelryIt features a "roof-like" top, which represents the Jewish temple or the married couples' home. Designed like lockets, they feature Hebrew inscriptions on the inside. Grooms offered them to their brides during the marriage ceremony as a symbolism of love and unity.Diamond Wedding RingsToday, diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, and wedding bands are the most commonly purchased on the market. However, diamonds have been a choice gem for love rings for centuries now. The first diamond ring documented in history was found in Rome during the late 100s AD. It belonged to a young girl, but history does not tell us whether it was given to her as a gift of love or not. Their strength and value have always been understood. Yet, diamonds became even more valuable once tools were invented to cut them properly. These sparkling beauties were often sent to the groom's father from the bride's father as a promise to marry his daughter off to the recipient's son. It became common for this symbolic gift to be a diamond ring, which marked the beginning of the diamond engagement rings we know today.Current History of Wedding Rings — Pearl Engagement RingsAlthough diamond engagement rings are the most common, pearl engagement rings are quickly gaining popularity in the wedding jewelry industry. No, they do not have a past history, like the rings above, but many brides are turning to them to create amazing looking, unique styles for their rings. When you think of an engagement ring, pearls probably do not come to mind. But, a pearl center stone is an amazing centerpiece is a stunning choice for a piece of jewelry you plan to wear every day, for the rest of your life. Pearls are just as resilient as pearls, and they come from natural resources. And, these gems are as classic as they come.Both vintage lovers and modern brides enjoy the simple elegance and sophistication of pearl engagement rings. They can be created as a solitaire pearl ring, or with a bezel setting for a stylish way to protect your pearl. You can create a shimmering ring with a sophisticated pave setting made of small pearls closely set together.READ Wedding Traditions: The History of Wedding JewelryWe took a big dive in the history of wedding rings. Wedding rings history is beautiful, reach and ancient just like pearls so let us…Design Your Own Pearl Engagement RingDesign your own engagement ring with an open setting featured diamonds and pearls. Pair a larger black Tahitian pearl with one small diamond for a unique look like no other. Add pearls to rings made of 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold, white gold or platinum. You can even add other gemstones, such as your birthstone, to your pearl engagement ring for a more personalized touch. And, the pearl does not have to be white either! Yes, white pearls are the most commonly used in jewelry. They are also the most popular pearl color on the market. Engagement rings can be designed using black pearls, pink pearls, peach pearls, golden pearls, multicolor pearls and more. You can even have your gem dyed to create a pearl color like no other. Now, how's that for personalization?There are so many ways to design a pearl engagement ring. Add rows of pavé diamonds surrounding a single pearl placed in claw-like prongs. Or, slap your single pearl right in the middle of a cluster of diamonds. Thinking about a diamond halo surrounding your pearl? Then, how about a setting made of mixed metals?The history of wedding rings has just started!Pearl Engagement Ring Design IdeasThe Pearl Source creates customized pearl engagement rings and other pearl jewelry. Personalize your engagement rings with diamonds, alexandrite, amethyst, aquamarine, coral, malanite, onyx, opal, rose quartz, topaz, zircon or any other precious gem you choose. And, you can design your own ring setting using the metal of your choice, and have the ring engraved with a message just for you.Need some ideas for our engagement ring design? Looking for ways to create an awesome pearl wedding rings as well? Click the link below to check out our selection of rings from The Pearl Source.Shop Pearl Rings Nowpossible engagement ring for I say, if your that young it could be a pretty low possibility. He could be thinking of just getting you a cute necklace. BUT do not loose hope even if you do not , it just means he is not ready for it.
5 Weeks Pregnant and Light Pink Spotting When I Use the Toilet!!?
tell ur dr to check ur progesterone levels if they are low it could be that ur body is trying to reject it again so go to the dr and have the check it if its low they can prescribe some progesterone until ur about 12 weeks. It works my bleeding stopped i was 6 weeks im now 9 wks 4days and have a apt tomoro to see my beanie baby! mine were at 13 and they said they like to see them at 25 or higher. Good luck!1. What colors would go well in a room with mauve and light pink?eww, it sounds gross. get some cheap then fabric, like lacey if u want, or just really thing black fabric, a hang it up all on the walls. then hang pictures u like around, u can put them rocght over the fabric. and add nice lighting and decore with furnisure and it should look a little bit better(it cna't get much worse) ask if u can paint it white at the very least. most places prefer neutral colors anyway when renting. best of luck2. Looking for a nice light pink dress to wear to a wedding?Try Boohoo or Asos their quite good. When i find a dress that i like i type it in on ebay they normally have them on there and alot more cheaper! Hope this helps3. What are some good light pink flowers for a wedding?roses or carnations4. REALLY worried- Light pink spotting***** NEED Advice please!?Maybe just irritation from the sex? Implantation? Still could be many things... Good Luck!5. Corsage color to go with light pink dress?I would go with a light pink rose with a little babys breath.If you want it to stand out a little,put her a peppermint carnation in the middle!That would be so precious!Good luck!6. is it ok for a guy to wear very light pink lipstick?You can where what the hell you want to wear!7. Light pink spotting, sharp poking feeling could I be pregnant?It sounds like you had implantation bleeding it is usually pink / brown that only last for two days. I think you are pregnant!8. What do you think would be a good color to go with a light pink?(for bedroom)?Light green. It is simple, earthy, natural, and versitile. Have you got your bedspread yet? It might have the right color in it. I would use white as the third color.9. What can I wear with a light pink cardigan?I would say black. Maybe work it with a pair of jeans!10. I have a light pink/ salmon dress. What should my date wear to match me??? ?you have three choices: a black penguin suit a white penguin suit a pink penguin suit i love the word penguin suit.11. Light pink spotting at 5 weeks, please help!?It's just implantation, my gf had the same thing at 5 weeks and now she's 22 weeks. Do not worry I am sure your fine12. What is your makeup routine?Natural- I like looking clean, polished, fresh, and awake. I do not have a routine that's set in stone, but here it is: FACE (this is standard for me, sometimes I will use a tinted moisturizer set with a powder foundation or a liquid foundation depending on how bad my skin is, but that's more rare) Stick concealer mixed with a pink lipstick to make a salmon toned corrector for under eyes (this works, makes them look more naturally gone instead of looking washed out) Green Concealer on major red areas Liquid concealer over the green concealer to match skin Color correcting Powder on T-Zone EYES (this is constantly changing, some days I will just curl my lashes) Pencil liner or Cream Eyeliner on top lid only (always dark brown) Mascara on top lashes, clear mascara on lower lashes Eyeshadow- this varies daily but they are always neutral colors (tan, brown, bronze, copper, coffee, peachy-pink, cream, taupe, light pink, etc.) Brows- ELF Studio Eyebrow Kit or clear mascara or nothing at all LIPS Lip balm- daily Lip gloss- some days Tinted balm - Revlon lip butter Lipstick- only for special occasions13. Light pink spotting - answers please!!?I doubt that its implantation bleeding, (but its a very small chance that it is), how sure you that you ovulated on the 21st, (Some women have spotting when they ovulate). You can get OPK (ovulation prediction kits), to find out when you ovulate, because women do not ovulate the same day every cycle. Or it can be stress related. *Implantation bleeding occurs an average of 6-12 days of ovulation.
Why Do People Never Connect the Diode Directly to a Power Supply? What Would Happened If We Did This
The most likely result would be burning out the diode. Diodes are designed to work with very small currents and voltages, most power supplies are too large for the diode to handle directly. Hope this helps, Lorax1. Can I safely connect a non-diode keyboard matrix to GPIO pins?There is the risk of accidentally getting both pins configured as output at some point. Maybe you could add some series protection resistors to the input lines (and perhaps output)? That would give some extra safety and should be dimensionable so there will be no voltage lost from "low" impedance outputs to high impedance inputs. There should be no problem with edge speed on keypads :).2. Which diode to use on my RC switch debounce circuit?Hi I am no expert by far but would not the 100Ohm resistor with a 100nF Cap give you a 10uS RC charge time. Thought you should be aiming for the 20mS mark to account for the bounce effect3. What is benefit of diode in the RC circuitData sheet suggests that another crystal arrangement is possible, provided that stray capacitance from pins X1 and X2 to ground is small. A small-value variable capacitor in series with the crystal provides a method to adjust oscillator frequency:simulate this circuit - Schematic created using CircuitLab Where a "series-resonant" crystal is specified, the oscillator pins (X1 and X2) likely work best at low-impedance. The extra 510 ohm resistors may ensure that this is the case, and they would tend to swamp out the effect of stray capacitance to ground. This is a guess, since no internal circuit description (of any data sheet that I could find) shows internal amplifier configuration.4. PN junction diode's free electronsI do not think your premise is correct. When a p-type material (excess holes) joins an n-type material (excess electrons), some of these excess holes and electrons travel to the other side via diffusion and recombine with electrons and holes, respectively, on the opposite side. These electrons and holes that diffuse to the other side are then gone via recombination, depleting them. But, the p-type material has some electrons to begin with (it has excess holes), and the N-type material had some holes ( it has excess electrons), so electons become loose on the P-side (when holes diffuse the N -side) and holes become loose on the N-side (when electrons diffuse to the p-side) and they line up at the junction boundary where the charged carriers were depleted. This process achieves equilibrium when no more carriers travel across the junction. When the junction is reverse biased, the holes in the p-type material are attracted to "negative polarity" of the voltage acrosss the junction , leaving more electrons behind at the junction. Similarly, the positive polarity on the n-side attracts the electrons on that side, leaving the holes behind at the junction. This increases the opposing electric field at the junction which further opposes the exchange of carriers between the p and n materials thus expanding this depletion region further. The holes and electrons are already there in the materials in different densities (p-type is mostly holes, but has electrons too, n-type is mostly electrons, but also has holes.5. Regular (not Zener) Diode as Voltage RegulatorIn the circuit you show, the voltage across the load will be about 5mV, with or without the resistor. It wo not start to regulate until the load resistor is more than about 135 ohms. In this circuit with a 1K series resistor to 5, the diode acts a bit like a voltage source with about a 12 ohm resistor in series. . for load resistance that is relatively high. That dynamic resistance increases with the load current- with a 270 ohm load it will be more like 24 ohms (calculated from 52mV/Idiode- the diode ideality factor of about 2 multiplied by the thermal voltage at room temperature). That means that with a 270 ohm load the ripple rejection is only about -20dB. Load regulation will be similarly poor, but zeners for less than a few volts are horrible in performance or nonexistent so you can not really compare it with a zener. You wo not find a 0.6V or a 1V zener. The diode has a temperature coefficient of about -2mV/C. So, it's quite usable in some undemanding applications- for example to determine the current through an LED or to set an overcurrent limit on a power supply, but it wo not be mistaken for a precision reference. This type of circuit (where the zener might be something else) is called a 'shunt regulator' and is mostly used for relatively low currents and certain other special applications. It suffers from a number of disadvantages such as inefficiency if the input voltage is close to the output voltage and the load is variable (because that series resistor has to be very low and the wasted power with a light load is very high). A popular example of a chip that does this well is the TL431 (or TLV431). Using a couple of resistors you can set an accurate voltage from about 1.25V to some tens of volts depending on the chip. The chip needs 1mA or less to operate
How Big Would a Telescopes Mirror Need to Be to See Close Exoplanets?
If you do some simple maths you will find that in order to see exoplanets out to 10LY with the same clarity that Hubble sees the surface of Pluto would require a telescope with a mirror about 60kilometers in diameter. (Hint: Hubble has a 2.4metre mirror, Pluto is 30AU away at perihelion, and there's about 64,000 AU in a LY). The Pluto images are vague and needed a lot of processing. Realistically you would need a mirror that could resolve at least an order of magnitude better or more. So you would be looking at an optical system with a diameter of around 600kilometers. Cheers!1. Which of the following aren't used by telescopes?(b). Telescopes use light. Sound is not light2. why do astronomers use telescopes to look at a distant starts?Under ideal conditions, an optical telescope is intended to resolve stars as the smallest pinpoints of light possible. For the most part, the actual magnification power of a telescope is not as important as its total resolution. One of the more novel ways of increasing resolution today is the use of multiple telescopes to resolve a single area of the sky. For extra-Solar purposes, optical telescopes are quite useful in that they can provide the brightness of stars and assist in exo-planet detection with repeated observations (among other things, such as cataloging objects). This is all done without a compromise of resolution that other mediums outside visible light often constrain their respective telescopes to, and optical telescopes can be operated from Earth.3. Why has the telescope been a crucial tool for scientists attempting to study the sun?I am not sure but i think that kind of telescopes allows you to see what type of radiation goes out of the sun. By knowing that they can study the sun's composition and measure his temperature, etc, etc4. What are these telescopes/monocular things actually called ?Wow, 55x. I think Jack Bauer used one of these in season 55. Which of the following is not an advantage of the Hubble Space Telescope over ground-based telescopes?The answer is "a" it is only a few hundred miles above the surface of the Earth. The objects it is viewing are many trillions of miles away6. How do satellites impede current telescopes?Satellites already cause problems for telescopes, but not by obstructing their view. Actually the light reflected from satellites is a bigger problem, and for observations of radio waves, their communications are the really big problem.In terms of reflected light, you might remember the controversy around the "Humanity Star" being too bright. The same applies to starlink, which this image shows really well:Radio wave observations are important because they allow astronomers to look the furthest back in time towards the big bang, when everything was strongly red-shifted. They are also used for measuring pulsars, and for SETI. Satellites only use discrete frequencies for communications (broadened by doppler shifting) but there are already so many communications, and signal strength is so much stronger than what we receive from distant galaxies that removing the noise is a topic of active research. Due to the long wavelengths, radio wave antennae have to be quite large, so these telescopes are usually earth based - there are not many radio wave telescopes "above" LEO orbit which would give us an untainted view.While researching this, I read that variations in the brightness of a star are important for detecting exoplanets, and satellites blocking that light momentarily could disturb the measurement. I would have expected that the timescales for the satellite and the planet to be blocking the light would be different enough that you could filter that out - but it would be an additional noise source for what is already a very sensitive measurement.7. Why is it important to place optical telescopes at as high an altitude as possible?A refractor uses lenses to gather and focus the light, while a reflector uses a curved mirror. When light passes through the lens of a refractor, the light is bent, but not all colors are bent equally. This causes little color fringes, called "chromatic aberration" in the image. In a reflector, the light is bounced off the front of the mirror, so that does not happen. Also, with a reflector, only one surface has to be optically ground, while two surfaces (four on a better refractor that uses multiple lenses) have to be ground, making a reflector cheaper. Also, a lens can only be supported by the edge, which limits how big the lens can be before the glass begins to "sag" from it's own weight. Since the light does not pass through the mirror on a reflector, the entire back of the mirror can be supported, so it's easier to make the telescope larger. Because those are the only two bands of electromagnetic radiation that are not blocked by the earth's atmosphere. The air at higher altitudes is clearer, so there is less dust, pollution, and other stuff to see through. Also, there is less air to see through at higher altitudes, when can reduce the effect of turbulence in the air. The only advantage to putting a scope close to the equator I can think of is that it allows you to see more of the sky from a location. Very often, the two scopes are used in tandem to look at the same object. A telescope's "resolving power" (how close two things can be to each other, and still distinguished as separate objects) is a function of the diameter of the lens or mirror. If you use two telescopes to image the same object, the data from them can be combined, and that gives you a telescope with the resolving power equal to building a giant mirror as big as the distance between the two scopes at a much lower cost.
My Cat Keeps Climbing Up My Shelves and Knocking Down Pots of Plants...?
There is a spray you can purchase from pet stores that's harmless to humans, but if you spray it on wires, furniture and other things of that nature it deters the animal from chewing or eating... It's called something like "bitter apple"... I would look into it1. Al Strachan has a new book on the shelves?91%, the other 9% he plagiarized from someone else who made it up. Honestly that title cracks me up. I see HNIC finally got rid of him on the Hotstove.2. A video store in my hometown has refused to put "The Golden Compass" on it's shelves.?I would avoid that store in the future. His business is to make movies available, not to RUIN FUTURE MOVIES WITH SPOILERS3. Ideas for Shelves Over a DeskIf you've tried to set up a home office in the corner of your bedroom or living room, you know that creative storage strategies are essential to keeping clutter at bay. Floating or suspended shelves that sit over your desk are simple and space-saving solutions, and they can hold everything from books to files to electronics to decorative items. They can be installed in many different forms and materials to echo and enhance your existing decor. Long floating shelves, which can be installed on the wall above the desk, are flexible and functional, and they serve to echo the horizontal lines of your desk. Narrow shelves can be used to hold decorative prints, while wider shelves can hold receptacles for office supplies, plants, books, and other objects. To keep delicate items safe, or to conceal paperwork and filing, consider installing a horizontal cabinet. If you have high ceilings or large windows, you can complement them with multiple vertical hanging stacked shelves, or long and narrow tiered shelf units above the desk. Installing a vertically oriented shelf unit is also an ideal way to squeeze in some extra storage in narrow or awkward spaces. Use vertical shelves to flank an artwork or wall decoration, or add on to existing shelving. If you have a lot of items to store or require a lot of organization, consider grid shelving. This can come in the form of a single unit of cubby-style shelves, or in an open floating or suspended shelving unit that resembles a crosshatch or grid. For the most flexibility, look for shelving systems that are modular or customizable, so that you can create shelves of varying sizes according to your needs. Customization is the key to bold shelving. If your space is an awkward shape, you can cut and install your own plank boards for built-in shelving. Do not be afraid to re-purpose items, for example, install a set of recycled crates in place of grid shelving. Finally, have fun with aesthetics. Use shelving that is clear or the same color as the wall if you want your items to stand out, or paint your cupboards and shelves a bright color or pattern to make them an element of your decor.4. Tips for a small bedroom?Shelves usually save space... they get things up off the floor etc. and are easier to organize. Racks for CD's and or movies, and maybe a t.v. rack, the kind that is mounted up on the wall that holds the t.v5. Anyone know where to find Rubbermaid Lazy-Susan. Shelves for corner kitchen cabinets?Google Rubbermaid. They show every product made. They will have stores to search in your zip code6. Shelves for dorm rooms that you dont have to make a hole in the wall to hang?Shelves For Dorm Rooms7. Let say there are 4 toxic chemical bottles on a hanging shelf?obviously you can not touch the bottles. and you do not say how they are placed on the shelf or shelves(?) what is the loudspeaker for as you can not talk to the bottles to stay still. rubber band - to tie my nostrils(?!) lol a gun - sure i can use it. shoot the three bottles and let the chemicals spill and dry - wait for a year. but how the hack were the bottles put there like that - who could do that without spilling or any trouble? loudspeaker might help when I am asking that person.
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